Jamming With The Toraiz Squid Multitrack Sequencer (Knobcon 2019)

At Knobcon 2019, we caught up with Pioneer DJ’s Devon Hughes, who was jamming with a hardware setup, based around their Squid multitrack sequencer.

He gave us a quick overview of the Squid and then demonstrated how it can be the ‘brain’ powering a studio or live rig.

The Squid is a 16-track sequencer that can control MIDI hardware and software, along with modular and analog gear. Connectivity options include USB/DIN MIDI, CV Gate, analog clock sync in/out & DIN Sync.

See the Pioneer DJ site for details.

17 thoughts on “Jamming With The Toraiz Squid Multitrack Sequencer (Knobcon 2019)

    1. Not everything is a clone lmfao Jesus Christ. It’s a single voice in mono form from the Prophet 6.

      These comments are so laughable. Muh cloooonez bruuuuv ermagerd Uliiiii baby!

      1. If you watch the video then you’ll notice how Devon Hughes mentiones “his 303 clone”. Which is what Cory is asking about. AnalOG gave him the probably right answer as it really looks like a x0xb0x.

      2. And from the x0xb0x website, “x0xb0x is a full reproduction of the original Roland synthesizer”. I think that’s the definition of a clone, right? Keep laughing though!

    2. Hey all, the device in question is a x0xb0x built from a kit supplied by Willzyx. After I build it, I had the x0xi0 modifications done by Brian Castro aka Abstrakt Instruments : )
      Yes the x0xb0x is an analog reproduction of the TB-303 in I would say the top 90% of accuracy. Very few clones get it right because of difficulty to source certain transistors, etc. x0xb0x is very close, but I selected it because back then, around 2010, one could get the face-melting x0xi0 mods which are like a poor-man’s devilfish modification. 2 envelopes, accent env decay control, lots of CV and audio i/o in the back, built-in analog distortion, extended cutoff range, extended resonance range, etc etc etc. It can go very naughty places.

    1. Hey!! Yep! Happy to be showing off the Squid. It’s a very feature-rich and value-packed product, so I’m proud to stand behind it. Yeah man, everybody was asking about x0xi0 at Knobcon!! You gonna be at NAMM? Would love to catch up : ) I know you’re a very busy guy…

    1. That’s a good question. I don’t know how accurately x0xb0x does the 303 slide. It’s close enough for me. I think there is plenty of data on the web to determine that. Just search x0xb0x slide.

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