Wavefolding Is Like A Rainbow

This video, via Under the Big Tree, captures a Knobcon 2019 by synthesis guru Todd Barton, Wavefolding is Like a Rainbow.

Barton is a composer, sound designer, multimedia performer, Buchla specialist & Bay Area hippie. In his talk, Barton discusses wavefolding and other synthesis techniques. His presentation mixes in technical demonstrations, Buchla history, personal anecdotes and some self-generating Krell Patch action.

Video Summary:

“There are no words that can adequately express my esteem for this remarkable man. Composer, thinker, synthesist, communicator, human. Todd Barton plays all of those parts exquisitely. He has taught me so much about synthesis and the art of tiny movements. And I was utterly unsurprised to learn that Pauline Oliveros loomed large in both of our backgrounds, teaching us how to listen.

Here Todd is delivering a lecture at Knobcon 2019, and it was a wonderful opportunity to zoom in close on his hands as he performed on his Buchla Easel.

A fascinating talk on listening, synthesis, and life. Just watch this whole video. Right now. See what I’m talking about.”

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