Third Party Editor For Elektron Model Samples Now Available

Developer Momo Müller has introduced a new software editor for the Elektron Model Samples.

The editor lets you edit each of the device’s 6 tracks, edit hidden parameters and more.


  • You have direct access to all parameters.
  • The hidden parameters for LFO and FX are easy to use.
  • All Patterns can also be selected directly.
  • Additionally there is a solo function for the 6 Tracks.
  • With the X-Y Pads all parameters can be controlled, but they are especially suitable as Faders
    between the tracks.
  • The Editor is perfect for integrating model samples into the DAW.
  • All parameters can be automated and saved with the DAW project.
  • The Elektron Model Sampler Editor is available for PC (32/64 bit) as standalone and VST and for
    MAC as standalone,VST and AU.

Pricing and Availability

The Elektron Model Samples Editor is available now for 5,90 EUR.

11 thoughts on “Third Party Editor For Elektron Model Samples Now Available

    1. Yeah their prices always made me go wow 🙂 Seriously though, I don’t think there is much out there that touches elektron in terms of quality and desirability with a sequencer attached to it…

      1. I agree. I have one and really love it. I have a Monomachine and have owned a Digitakt and an A4. The machines are great, but the workflow is always too convoluted for me to use regularly. The M:S was exactly what I was looking for. Still have a blast using it. I really hope they make more like it.

    2. Sometimes a tool does not need a “wow”-factor, I wanna see you taking a hammer and do a genuine “wow”. 😉 To me personally (!) the elektron Model:Samples is what the Korg electribe 2 should have been.

      1. but you see – i wasnt talking about your idea of “good tools”… and also – why exactly do you need to see me with a hammer making “wow”? how does that apply to my statement except as a defensive reflex (for some reason….)

        i was talking about seeing the sidstation or the machinedrum or the octatrack for the first time

        so you see – the world doesnt revolve around you, and you dont necessarily need to picture it that way 😉

    3. Digitone was only 2018, providing an interesting new take on FM. We’ll see what Winter NAMM brings. I was bummed they went all in on overbridge and it never seemed to pan out, always seems buggy or the “good release” is always just around the corner. Coming out with a relatively cheap sample player seems like a good step, filling a hole in their lineup and at least they updated the sequencer to allow a different sample per-step. On release I couldn’t believe they nerfed such a fundamentally “Elektron” feature.

  1. Please Momo, do an editor for the Volca Drum, The Nord Drum 2, the Elektron Rytm mk2, the analog Heat. Overbridge is a let down, you could provide alternative midi editors for all their machines (Nrpn are listed in the manuals) and make good money with it.

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