Here’s What’s New In Montage 3.0 & MODX 2.0

Yamaha recently announced Montage OS v3.0 – a major update to the firmware for its flagship synth workstation.

The update adds many features, including a new Pattern Sequencer, Mini Filter, Mini Booster, Wave Folder & Extended Low Frequency Oscillator. Most of the new features are also coming to their MODX line, too.

They shared this set of videos, which offers a deeper look at the new features. Above, Synth Specialist Dom Sigalas introduces the new features.

In the next video, below, Product Specialist Blake Angelos demonstrates the new Pattern Sequencer:

Finally, here’s a demo of the updated MODX synthesizer line:

7 thoughts on “Here’s What’s New In Montage 3.0 & MODX 2.0

    1. I guess it is all relative. To me, it seems pretty rudimentary. Those features were included in the Kurzweils decades ago. A person who wants a really basic (i.e., limited) sequencer can just use an iPad with a MIDI i/o and have all kinds of sequencers that only do 4/4 and hide all that nasty complexity.

      I was under the impression that Yamaha is often weak when it comes to sequencers. Even their percussion products often have very limited sequencing capability. That said, this does seem like a step in the right direction (pardon the pun).

  1. the demo song angelos used to demonstrate the sequencer, called “new york jam session”, is extremly boring. why this kind of crappy music?

  2. chain/song mode looks very good. from what i understand, a scene is a pattern that can consist of one to sixteen tracks. however, angelos said, “inside the pattern sequencer you have basically eight scenes.” how can you make a decent song with only eight scenes??

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a decent demo. They all sound like the random guitar center person at the helm. I am looking forward to the MODX phrase sequencer, as I am confident it’ll be what we’ve been asking for.

  4. I think they should fix FM-X first. I mean having a 3bit resolution of the feedback parameter? It is not 1983, we are in 2019 and there is a 32bit CPU/DSP under the hood.

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