New DIY Touch Sensing Platform For Modular Synthesizers

Bela – creators of the Bela open hardware platform for audio – shared this video, demonstrating a custom music controller, based on their new Trill touch sensor system.

Trill sensors use capacitive sensing to track finger movements. You can used the sensors individually, cut them down for smaller uses or combine them to create larger sensors.

The system currently features three components:

  • TRILL BAR, a slider that can sense up to five touch points
  • TRILL SQUARE, a touch pad that senses two axes of movement
  • TRILL CRAFT, a 30-channel breakout board that lets you make your own touch interfaces out of anything conductive

Production of the Trill sensor platform is being funded via a Kickstarter project. The sensors are available starting at £14. The project has already reached its funding goal.

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