VirSyn Brings Matrix Vocoder To iOS

VirSyn has released Matrix Vocoder – previously available as a desktop app – for iOS.

Matrix Vocoder features a 32-channel filterbank, analog-modeled oscillators and support for using an external carrier.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The basic function of a Vocoder is characterized by an analysis of the input signal, usually speech but other type of inputs can also be very interesting. In a special filter bank, a spectral analysis is performed and signals are developed which follows the amount of spectral energy in each channel. Another part of the analyzer tests if there are unvoiced or voiced sounds at any particular time and extracts the pitch of the voiced sounds.

The output section of the vocoder consists of a stereophonic synthesis filter bank which assembles the new synthetic speech from the characteristic filter envelopes from the analysis stage together with an external or internal replacement signal.


  • 32 channel Filterbank with 8-pole Butterworth analog filters
  • Stereophonic synthesis with analog modelled alias free oscillators.
  • External carrier possible ( left channel = voice / right channel = carrier )
  • Voiced/Unvoiced detection
  • Pitch tracking
  • Formant shift
  • Matrix uses patchbay to connect analysis and synthesis channels.
  • Pan position and level for each channel.
  • 16 internal oscillators with unlimited voices for choir like sounds.
  • Stereo wide panorama parameter for internal generator.
  • Optional monophonic generator with Glide setting.
  • Internal noise generator.
  • Effect AudioUnit and Music Effect AudioUnit
  • stand alone / Audiobus 3 / IAA

Pricing and Availability

Matrix Vocoder is available now for US $6.99.

13 thoughts on “VirSyn Brings Matrix Vocoder To iOS

    1. I can think of two reasons. First, the Behringer literally costs 100 times the price of this app. Second, for people who use vocoders a lot, it can be useful to have several at your disposal, because just like any instrument they all have their own character.

      I have 4 different vocoders in my studio which I use for different sounds. And I may just get this app, because I think it sounds really good.

    2. Behringer stole its product.

      It’s not affordable the way seven dollars is affordable.

      VirSyn makes good products, and this one almost certainly does more vocoder things – especially creative, new vocoder things – well than the knock-off lookalike box does – without trading on another active developer’s work and marketing.

      Working with this on an iPad DAW is a lot easier than setting up and recalling hardware.

      Seventies vocoding sounds may not be what a user wants, though plenty of software does that job.

      There are more reasons, but the first one is, in my view, more than enough.

      1. That’s just ridiculous Mr. Sir.

        ULI BEHRINGER invented the ladder filter, the most important piece of synthetic history. He has free reign to do whatever he pleases, and rightfully deserves it! Behringer has the utmost of ethics, they’ve never stolen designs, and their empire was definitely not built upon the backs of underpaid workers in harsh conditions like some other nameless organizations (cough Moog cough).

        I can’t believe so much fake news has been spread.

        1. The VC340 may be interesting, but I am confident the price will reduce to $399 if I wait 1 years. What say you, Mr. McPants?

          1. I say, as the ancient saying goes, if you can buy Behringer, buy Behringer.

            The quality and craftsmanship will last long beyond one’s own lifespan and the sonic characteristics are unmatched by any of those Moog/DSI/Yamaha/Korg/Roland/EMS clones out there!!!!

            Support ethical practices, support small local businesses, buy BEHRINGER!

  1. Caveat emptor: developer has not responded to repeated attempts to find out whether desktop matrix vocoder is still supported, so YMMV.

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