18 thoughts on “Yamaha Genos Version 2.0 Preview

  1. This is just a waste of resources. If it isn’t the Yamaha CS80 I don’t care about it. If it isn’t analog WARMTH I don’t care about it.

    My money will be going into Uli’s pocket, I will wait for the Behringer BS80.

    1. PMP666, if I were you I would boycott every company that doesn’t produce ONLY analog synthesizers, or horse and buggies, or VHS players or analog cassette recorders. If you REALLY want to make a statement, then boycott this site since they post these stories. Never come back here. That’ll show ’em!!!

    2. Those of us that have been doing this now for 40 years might challenge the whole analog warmth thing, I worked for almost 10 years with my Jupiter 8, and my JD-800 can actually get warmer pads than it in my subjective humble opinion. Just saying.

    3. Admin: Personal attack deleted.

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      Also, you’re using commenting using multiple names (Choopa Kah Bruh, The Brain) which will lead to your comments being flagged as spam. Using a consistent user name will help avoid this.

    4. If you’d kindly like to explain what correlation there is between Behringer releasing analog clones and Yamaha releasing firmware updates for their flagship Arranger line of keyboards please by all means enlighten me.
      You come across like a partisan hack on 4 Chan (which isn’t a complement).
      Try sticking to the subject at hand please and let people who are keen on getting a Genos or updating their’s to version 2.0 an opportunity to be informed without distraction.
      Its 2019 we can all do better.

    5. Waste of resources? Speak for yourself, Bub. I’m fairly certain this machine will find its way onto a few hit songs and stages of some really talented musicians/producers. Myself (and many others) are well past the point of ‘analog or nothing’ ‘VST’s are better’ ‘bring back the classics’. I would love to sit down with a beast of a machine like this and just play some $^&* and just get on with my day. Not to mention this thing is much more capable and versatile than a straight analog synth.

  2. Hard to tell if you’re being ironic or not. If you’re not, then it’s just sad. 🙁

    UPDATE: My, you’re prolific today. Nice touch since irony or sarcasm are best served verbally.

  3. The Genos is the modern equivalent of the home organs grannies used to buy. They’re largely meant for people who play weird casuals and weddings, so they can cover traditional love songs and “The Final Countdown.” Synth parameters are very minimal, as of the last version. It has workstation muscle and a pro palette, but its turned sideways for its purpose. That and a separate switch for 96% of everything in it is why its around $5k. OUR kind would use that for a small armful of more MANLY gear, harumph.

    1. There’s an English guy with a youtube channel who has something like this and reviews its features and how it syncs up with some software instruments. Then at the end of the review he delivers a racist rant. Weird. I initially thought he was making an ironic joke so I clicked some other videos to check. Now I guess youtube’s algorithms think I like arranger keyboards and racism.

    2. I’ve got one, and It can be just that, if you’re a well-off grannie and use it as a toy. It can also be much more, however, completely customizable if you expend the effort–and I’m talking a LOT of effort. Even something that should be simple, like file management, is counter intuitive with Yamaha and leaves you scratching your head (and losing work you thought you saved!) Once you get used to its idiosyncrasies, though, you can really do some killer stuff with it, working in a number of different ways, and channel it through 6 separate outputs. If you want total control, you can get it with the Genos, but it’s not for the faint of heart!

  4. Yamaha would not be making this if it didn’t think they would sell.
    This site just obviously isn’t the target audience.

    For me the synth that I am most interested in is the KODAMO EssenceFM.

  5. In my opinion and I’ve had Tyros and now, a Genos, now for the past 5 years. Coming from the Yamaha MOTIF, where the sequencer is truly a sequencer – where you can insert multi time signatures, and have a tempo track – in my opinion, the ability to do whatever you want, I would call the MOTIF a workstation OVER the calling the Genos a workstation.

    Years ago – Yamaha manufactured “electones” – and they were pretty cool – I remember their top of the line which had 2 manuals and a third smaller solo manual.

    The Genos AND TYROS remind of of the electone. I believe Yamaha banked on that technology and they were smart for doing it because suckers who think it’s a workstation, bought it! ME included!!

    So – although they were smart – they failed at the same time by calling it a workstation.

    Whoever programmed the 6/8 styles should be FIRED!!!! They aren’t 6/8 styles at all – they are 12/8….

    But – I’m not ranting – I’m just agreeing with the poster who mentioned these were for grannies – and I agree!

    They lack 3/4 styles – they are overburdened with polka styles and gold schlager styles.

    Now – I will say that I do use it for church. I don’t have a drummer – I don’t have a bassist, nor do I have any guiarists – and from the point of view of being creative with hymns – I’ll give it a thumbs up. AND, I’ve delt with the 6/8 thing AND the fact you can’t mix time signatures without a heck of a lot of reworking of what’s already there – especially with the latest firmware version 2 that recently came out….

    BUT – I’m NOT buying another one – that’s for sure. It’s way too expensive of a keyboard. The old folks can have it.

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