The Terminator Theme On Korg Minilogue

This video, via RemixSample, captures a performance of The Terminator Theme, from the original film in the series, The Terminator.

This version features a minimal setup, based around the Korg Minilogue. Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

This is my attempt at the classic Terminator Theme on KORG Minilogue.

recorded everything “live” so no sequencing and that’s why it sounds sloppy (^???^) The track is made up of a pad section, two leads and a percussive sound. You can download the three Minilogue patches on My Patreon.

I used a lot of effects to make the leads sound like I wanted them too. Soundtoys Decapitator & Crystallizer. I also used Valhalla Shimmer & Valhalla Room. Also applied Multiband compression eq.

11 thoughts on “The Terminator Theme On Korg Minilogue

  1. Doesn’t sound sloppy to me. It sounds more like a superior Minilogue promotional. Nice job! Dance can be a bit too easy to produce, but this shows off the deeper Korg-y powers that are making this an increasingly popular buy. Besides, who doesn’t slather on effects? Its as important to a synth as the filters. Crap, I don’t really need an XD, but I’m beginning to WANT one too much. $#@!ing magical tech progress….

  2. this is ace!!!
    Just in time for the new Terminator.
    Who here is thinking it’s going to be a neo-lib piece of PC crap?
    I’ll go see it anyways ofcourse, but i’m betting that the soundtrack won’t be as good
    as this!
    Seriously sounds beautiful.
    Kind of inbetween Terminator and Blade Runner in atmosphere….?

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