InfraDeep Electronics PVX-800 Analog Synthesizer Now Available

InfraDeep Electronics has announced that its PVX-800 Analog Synthesizer is now available.

The PVX-800 is a compact duophonic analog synthesizer, inspired by the Polyvox, designed to integrate into any performance and computer-based music setup.

Video Intro:


  •  Two VCOs with five types of waves — Sinusoidal, Triangle, Shark, Saw and Square waves with PWM.
  • Two ADSR envelope generators
  • LFO with eight type of waves (square wave has midi sync)
  • True classical analogue sound engine
  • MIDI-DIN in/thru plug
  • USB-MIDI plug
  • Analogue CV control inputs
  • Ring Modulator
  • Audio input for processing external audio signal through filter and VCA section
  • Built-in Delay module
  • Arpeggiator function with sync from midi
  • VCF Cutoff assignable control from midi, velocity or aftertouch
  • Headphone output
  • Audio output: 6.3 mm mono jack, unbalanced
  • Power: 16 — 24V DC any polarity 600mA or more
  • Weight: 3.64lbs (1.65kg)
  • Dimensions: 12,95” x 5,31” x 2,87” (325 x 135 x 73 mm)

It’s available in blue and white versions.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The PVX-800 Analog Synthesizer is available now, for US 580.

19 thoughts on “InfraDeep Electronics PVX-800 Analog Synthesizer Now Available

      1. You don’t need Jordan Rudess or Herbie Hancock to present a product in 2019. I think most companies uses those YouTubers due to, that they do an okay job (some even considered on a professional level) and some would do it for free because they are slaves of clickbait.

      2. I think you are missing the point, in fact I abhor product endorsements of any kind. This is not a stylistic critique, rather the sounds and choice of music is questionable for a product demonstration.

        And Rudess is a gifted musician, yet you could not pay me to listen to his material.

    1. Yep, the synth turns you on, uses your heart as BCO (Blood Controlled Oscillator), your stomac as BCF (Burger Controlled Filter), takes your legs and hands as patch cords to another human synthesizers using HIMI (Human Instrument Manual Interface ) or BV (Blood Voltage) standards. Usually, the role of BCA (Body Controlled Amplifier) is occupied by your favorite pet.
      Then your synth uses a bottle of vodka as your arpeggiator and uses your d|^k as RFO (Random Frequency Oscillator, in some expensive human synths models).
      Around you – drunk bears in caps with ear-flaps with balalaikas.

  1. The sound is good, form factor is nice. Not many synths coming out of SIBERIA. I do wonder about service though. Shipping would be expensive right?

  2. Sounds nothing like a Polivoks to me, but they all sound a bit different. I wish guys best of luck with this synt thou, and hope for not so cheesy videos in the future )

  3. I listened to all 3 videos, i still have no idea how this synth sounds. Terrible examples, almost as if they are scared to demonstrate it properly

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