Cheeze Machine Pro For Mac & Windows

2getheraudio has introduced Cheeze Machine PRO for Mac & Windows, an advanced version of its earlier Cheeze Machine soft synth.

They say:

“Cheeze Machine has grown up. While it still serves up the cheesiest synth strings akin to our analog ancestors, it now delivers these delicacies alongside some serious deep basses, ripping mono leads, punchy brass stabs, mind bending textures and pads and so much more.”


  • Virtual analog synthesizer with Moog-style features and interface
  • 150+ fully editable instrument sounds
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use interface for quick, fun sound design
  • Dual mode visual display (waveform and spectrum views)
  • Includes VST, AU, AAX and Standalone plugin formats for compatibility with all DAWs
  • Powerful struQture synth engine delivers synth strings, basses, leads, stabs, pads, effects and a whole lot more.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Cheeze Machine PRO is available now, with Pay-What-You-Want Pricing.

8 thoughts on “Cheeze Machine Pro For Mac & Windows

    1. Shouldn’t 8-16GB RAM be a minimum spec for any machine used for music production these days?

      As cheap as RAM is, nobody should be running with less than 16GB, unless you’re running a legacy OS and legacy software.

  1. Nice steps from the past to the future

    Would like to see Rainbow Synth come back like a bad ass

    Sadly, the older one doesnt seem to work so well anymore now

  2. Its shamelessly called the Cheez Machine and it starts at $10. Asking it to be a compressed Fairlight would be a sure path to disappoinment. You can build a serious cockeyed orchestra out of freeware, shareware and a few $10 synths. Effect ’em well & they can really shine.

  3. This is a good sounding instrument with a nice feature set. It’s impossible to credibly complain about the price you select yourself. Good work guys.

    As far as the complaints about the requirements, these are completely standard requirements for anything at all running as a VST/AU plugin inside a DAW on any modern platform. It’s a plugin guys, so you need a DAW. Your DAW’s requirements I assure you are at least these requirements. A plugin that is 25kB in size which does nothing but generate a sine wave is also going to have these same requirements given that it has to be run inside a DAW. I swear to Bael that the people complaining have never owned a DAW or run a plugin or they would realize this.

  4. The original Cheeze Machine summoned up old school string synth sounds and was a great piece of freeware. This clearly expands its capabilities far beyond the original and I wish it well.

  5. I didn’t have high expectations, but holy shit…. this thing sounds absolutely fantastic ! It looks great and you can clearly see that a lot of thought has been given to the details. I love the waveform and spectrum visualizers, they’re super slick…

    It’s definitely in the same league as much more expensive plugins… for 10$ and change, this is the biggest no-brainer purchase of 2019.

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