Arturia Brings Back Black Edition BeatStep, BeatStep Pro & KeyStep

Arturia has announced that it is reissuing the Black Edition of its BeatStep, BeatStep Pro and KeyStep controllers:

Due to high demand, the Black Edition KeyStep, BeatStep, and BeatStep Pro have been rereleased for another limited edition run.

Whatever your style, whatever your genre, the Arturia Step range has the perfect controller to bring your ideas to life.

Whether you prefer to perform on keys or program on pads, you’ll be able to fully express your creativity and take your music to exciting new places.

The limited Black Edition KeyStep, BeatStep, and BeatStep Pro also come with CV/Gate cables so you can bridge the gap between digital and analog worlds from the moment you open the box.

See the Arturia site for details.

16 thoughts on “Arturia Brings Back Black Edition BeatStep, BeatStep Pro & KeyStep

  1. This couldn’t had come at a better time, since I was about to buy another keystep and I would had liked a black one.

  2. Beatstep Pro with more save locations would be a killer. Is supper annoying, confussing, and slow to backup and move projects via the computer with only 16 “Projects” of 16 sequences. Its so easy to write on and perform with but so hard to manage and bring back songs.

  3. Interestingly – I just bought a black KeyStep from Guitar Center online. Maybe it was from the original batch – or maybe they listed it early? I was wondering why some folks were selling them on eBay for like 300 bucks when I could get one at regular price…

    1. The keystep has a step sequencer… do you maybe mean a TR style sequencer where each step has a button and can be enabled and disabled?

  4. I recently sold my white Keystep and a used black Keystep showed up online. I got it for the same price I sold mine. Sometimes the universe is kind to us.

  5. Hopefully they improved the shoddy internal saudering. Used USB power on mine and it the port broke off inside the unit. Arturia refused to repair it.

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