6 Moog Synthesizers Compared

In this video, via Reverb, synthesist Lisa Bella Donna offers an overview of six Moog synthesizers, and offers her take on some of the key features of each.

Bella Donna also demonstrates how she uses each of the synths and discusses some of each synth’s performance options.

Synths covered include:

  • Minimoog Model D;
  • Subsequent 37;
  • Grandmother;
  • Matriarch;
  • DFAM;
  • and Mother-32

Video Summary:

“For over half a century, Moog has been one of the biggest synthesizer brands on the market. Its talented, innovative engineers have crafted countless modular, semi-modular, and keys-based synths that have become and remained go-tos for synthesists all over the world. With so many models to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which Moog is right for your music-making needs if you’re just starting out, but artist and sound designer Lisa Bella Donna is here to help.”


9 thoughts on “6 Moog Synthesizers Compared

    1. “ Short: Moog begging for money video.”

      It’s a Reverb promotional vid. So technically an incitement to buy, but still informational.

  1. People can swear by the Minimoog, but I think the Voyager XL is the king. It has the Mini’s heart plus a patch bay that’s just enough, if you don’t want to go Eurorack. It’d be overkill for some, but its inviting to have the added options. It depends on what kind of Mooginess you need the most.

    1. Nah, full modular is king. (And you’ll need a king’s ransom to afford it…)

      Yeah, I do wish that Moog released Eurorack modular stuff. Really, Roland did it, and they keep producing it, so it must be selling well enough that it’s not some retro glamor release. Lisa has nine Mother32’s, and I just have two. The Mother32’s are really the heart of my Eurorack system. I have a Behringer Neutron, it’s a good synth, but it just doesn’t “fit” like a Mother32 does.

  2. I have always admired Moog synthesizer but never owned one. The closest analog synth I owned years ago was an Octave Cat. I do have a software version of the Mini Moog and I love it. Moog equipment is just beyond my affordability. I am a hobbyist musician and may someday purchase one of these great instruments.

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