Ambient Reel to Reel Tapeloops : Live Looping

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures an ambient reel to reel tape loop performance by
Fahmi M.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

“Macro-oscillator module synth sound and field recording samples recorded to tape loops, play on tapedeck, process to effect pedals (looper, eq, delay, reverb).

Create ambient music, build sounds of reel to reel tapeloop, looping layer by layers, like architecture.”

6 thoughts on “Ambient Reel to Reel Tapeloops : Live Looping

  1. Lovely! The visual aspect of arranging the tapes adds another level of interest. It made me remember a looping performance I saw years ago, which featured a mic and a long tape loop running between two Walkman cassette decks (i.e., very slowly). There was a beautiful time-and-space moment when I realized that the sound I just heard had been created ten seconds in the past, and the gesture I just saw would return ten seconds in the future.

      1. Hi DS. It was at the International House in Tokyo in 1989, so probably not, but the artist (whose name I can’t remember) recorded at least one CD later on. His setup included a clothesline with various objects hanging from it. He then captured sounds like snipping a drinking straw with scissors and warping sheet metal with a cigarette lighter.

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