Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb Hands-On Demo

Erica Synths shared this video demo of their new Black Spring Reverb – a new Eurorack module that they say offers “a different take on spring reverberation units.”

The Black Spring Reverb features a DSP chip in the feedback path, with 7 different effects, vactrol based compressor and the option to use internal, external or combination of both spring tanks at the same time.


  • Compact spring reverberation tank to install in a skiff case
  • Manually and CV controlled feedback amount
  • Vactrol-based compressor
  • 7 distinct feedback effects
  • Selection between internal, external reverberation tanks or combination of both
  • Feedback Send and Return jack sockets


00:02 – Patch #1 – “Handsaw” patch playing without audio input
00:58 – Patch #2 – YOCTO 808 through “Ringmod” patch
02:07 – Patch #3 – “Pitch Shifter” modulated with Octasource (no audio input)
03:40 – Patch #4 – Playing external spring tank
05:20 – Patch #5 – FM Radio played through “Haunted Shifter” patch
06:23 – Patch #6 – Synth line played through “Creeper” patch
07:41 – Patch #7 – Pitch shifter played with envelope generator on audio input
09:01 – Patch #8 – YOCTO 808 played through “Pitch Shifter” patch
10:17 – Patch #9 – Synth pad played through “Creeper” patch
11:05 – Patch #10 – “Springhausen” patch played without audio input
12:17 – Patch #11 – “Pitch Shifter” patch with Black Stereo Delay in the feedback loop (no audio input)

Pricing and Availability

The Black Spring Reverb is available now for € 270.00.

3 thoughts on “Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb Hands-On Demo

  1. This seems like a great unit, Eurorack tax makes it expensive (we have to pay more to not have a case or PSU) but I may pick one up second hand or on sale at some point, nends to be less than 200….

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