Kat MalletKAT Percussion Controller Overview

In this video, Mario DeCiutiis shares an in-depth overview the KAT Percussion MalletKAT percussion controllers.

The KAT Percussion MalletKAT MIDI percussion mallet controllers use FSR (Force Sensing Resistor) technology to responsive performance control. The MalletKAT is available in three models: the four-octave MalletKAT Grand, three-octave MalletKAT Pro, and two-octave MalletKAT Express.Each offers 127 programmable setups, splitting, layering, poly/mono modes and more.

For more playing and no talking, check DeCiutiis’s second video:

6 thoughts on “Kat MalletKAT Percussion Controller Overview

  1. Heading out this morning to assist a friend who is trying out a MalletStation. I was strongly dissuaded by a vid I saw that demonstrated how uneven the sensors are on the MalletStation. To me that’s an absolute deal-breaker. But the friend seemed less concerned– I guess there is quite a bit of cost difference.

    If it was me, I’d pony up the extra $$ for a MalletKat.

  2. This announce reminded me of a jazz percussionist named Mallet Cat who formed a MIDI jazz music collective and created very nice MIDI files. Look for them, they’re really good! :^)

  3. Oooph. Just got back from trying the MalletStation. What a hot mess. Uneven response from keys wasn’t even the worst part. The velocity response/curve was something you might expect from a cheap toy. From progressively softer to harder hits, it was nothing, nothing, nothing, mf, mf,f f. (as opposed to ppp, pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, fff)

  4. Just to be clear, I was talking about the MalletStation (and NOT the MalletKat). I was bringing it up for comparison.

    The MalletKat has a pretty stellar reputation. And I think it is a much better choice for my friend.

    The Pearl MalletStation seems like a pretty huge waste of money.

    1. I love my malletkat. So super responsive. Much more so than even piezo based drum pads. You can even just touch it gently with fingers and it responds beautifully. Also supports a kind of aftertouch for holding or muting notes. Not sure if it supports bending notes or vibrato with after touch pressure. I don’t think it does. There are a lot of features geared for a professional vibist, which Mario clearly is. I could think of a few cool additional features to appeal to the more casual user. A 2 octave MK could be a great center piece to a modular or hybrid drummer setup.

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