Ambient FM With A Yamaha Reface DX

Synthesist Graham Bole shared this music video for Wave Number 4, an ambient track exploring the FM sounds of the Yamaha Reface DX synthesizer.

Here’s what Bole has to say about the technical details:

“Ambient music with the Yamaha Reface DX and a little bit of Novation Bass Station 2 (which you can hardly hear, the joys of mixing with headphones).

A little amount of Analog Pro by Initial Audio is used over the whole track to create a cassette sound. Valhalla VintageVerb & Shimmer also used.

It’s available as to download via Soundcloud or the embed below:

6 thoughts on “Ambient FM With A Yamaha Reface DX

  1. Really nice. Love the slightly dissonant, simultaneous major/minor tones, clashing just a little, but then resolving to something mostly major or even neutral sounding.

  2. The easiest FM synth to program, for me is even easier with an iPad and its Lemur editor.
    I’m preparing a 1h live set with an Octatrack and the Reface DX will be the synth by its side 🙂

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