Making House Music With Four iPads

Sunday Synth Jam: Anil Macwan, aka Berlin Bombay, shared this live performance video for his house track Hold On Me.

Macwan says that he was excited by the possibilities of iPads and created “a minimalistic and portable setup consisting of four iPads and a microphone”. He uses each iPad as an individual instrument, changing apps as needed for the performance.

Musically, Macwan says his music is “rooted in the Berlin house scene of the nineties, with live vocals and deep chords”.


12 thoughts on “Making House Music With Four iPads

  1. Does anyone know what app he is using to sample his voice on the fly?
    Thought it might be imaschine but can’t seem to set mine up like that!

  2. anyone know what is the best/cheapest IOS device that can run an audio line out and also midi sync ios apps like korg gadget to hardware sequencers. Trying to use ipad in live set up. So far only the behringer istudio202 works ok but not ideal with ipad mini. thanks

    1. iConnectivity brand is probably the most dedicated type of iOS interfaces out there

      sadly the company’s promise of running it with a PC/Mac is not really usable as intended, but with an iPad only it works quite well

    2. Is there any fix for the annoying clicks with the iStudio?
      It was one of my favorite devices before the click issue manifested (concurrent with an iOS update – probably works fine on iOS 5.1.) I still use it but the clicks make it unsuitable for recording.
      I wish Behringer (heh) would release a firmware update and/or a new model.

    1. Wow, what a cool commenter he is. This is the kind of thing that makes people yell ‘Clueless!’ when they think of the term producer.

  3. Seeing those screen miss clicks during a performance is precisely why I’m not interested in this passing fad.

    1. While I agree the lack of HAPTIC RESPONSE is a factor limiting touch pads from participating in performance, they still are an excellent alternative to a laptop or worse for portabilities sake.

      Is it really so hard to find something positive to say?

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