New App, L7 Live Looper, Turns Your iOS Device Into a 16-Track Looper

Au­dio­K­it and Coda Labs have introduced L7 Live Looper, a new app that turns your iOS device into a powerful 16-track looper.

Inspired by the Roland Boss RC-505 Loop Station, L7 offers 16 tracks, 8 effects per track, master effects, audio import, overdubbing, autotune and more.


  • Record up to 16 tracks
  • 8 effects per track + master effects & input effects
    • Pan
    • Reverb
    • Tremolo
    • Tempo delay
    • Pitch shift (± 12 semitones)
    • Comb filter
    • High pass filter
    • Low pass filter
  • Voicetune with 144 different scales, control amount & speed
  • Automatically trigger effect changes hands-free
  • Variable loop length with auto-stop
  • Mute / unmute individual sections of a track
  • Overdub tracks
  • Save sessions and export to your favorite DAW
  • Import audio from any file format (wav, mp3, aiff, m4a, etc.)
  • Audiobus compatible
  • Sync with other apps using Ableton Link
  • Works with most USB audio interfaces
  • Best with wired headphones

L7 Live Looper was developed by Daniel Kuntz, who previously released the free Cycle – Time Lag Accumulator, and AudioKit founder, Aure Prochazka.

“The processor in your iPhone is probably 10 times as powerful as the RC-505,” notes Kuntz. “We set out to create a looper that matches and surpasses the power of hardware loopers. We hope you like it.”

“With the L7 Looper, we want to elevate the music creation process by making it cheaper and easier to access for everyone,” adds Prochazka. “What was once only possible with $500 hardware is now possible with a $5 app on your iPhone or iPad.”

Pricing and Availability:

L7 is available now with an intro price of $3.99 USD (normally $19.99).

13 thoughts on “New App, L7 Live Looper, Turns Your iOS Device Into a 16-Track Looper

  1. This looks cool, already purchased and look forward to playing with it. I don’t see reverse mentioned, I hope it is an option.

    1. Cant find how its triggered. Dont see a big button on the screen. Would be great if you could use the phone version and a start/stop trigger for the ipad version. Maybe thats the case?

    1. I love my iPad and the synth toys are fantastic but I have NEVER been connected to any of them. It’s just a piece of glass and if you add a controller then it is so Frankenstein-ish. With hardware, it’s a power-on, lay down some heavy shit (well, most of the time :D) and all is good. The iPad still isn’t in the major leagues yet and dammit, it should be. I’ve been in for the ride since the first generation and bought the thing right when I saw the iElectribe and iMS-20 back in 2010. Since then, I have had all the choice synths and sequencer apps not to mention a few deceptive & really crappy ones.
      I may very well buy this because they say it was developed with the RC-505 in mind. The GrooveRider-16 is everything the new Electribes should have/ could have been…so I understand it. But at the end of the day, a hardware piece, RC-505, would be what I desire.

  2. should have read a bit before i bought but oh well its cheap so whatever. would really dig this if i could get a midi signal into for a tempo like a ditto x2 looper can do. the way i have my ipad incorporated into my stuff right now, if this took a tempo in, i would be in love already. unless the midi stuff is hidden? i could not find any options.

  3. Bought it. I don’t want to record with it, just play imported loops. Could not find anywhere to turn off the metronome. Really annoying. Exited and tried again. Now it just keeps crashing on my iPad Air 2.

    1. turn OFF ipad then turn on. run L7 looper. on the bottom of the ipad screen put your finger on BPM …you can set voume off metronome.

  4. unfortunately it’s absolutely unusable for me for live situations. the interface is super-user-unfriendly with tiny sliders that don’t react properly. you have to stare at the screen and switch between (tiny) menu knobs. the whole thing is pretty laggy for playing live (on ipad 5), having four different places to find the same effects makes no sense in my opinion. some bugs as well (clips still muted optically but continue playing). using the RC505’s name for advertisement reasons is a shame as this thing has absolutely NOTHING in common with that great device. erased it after about 20 seconds… too bad 🙁

    @ chris stack: you can turn down the metronome if you click on the BPM number

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