Roland GO:PIANO Features Alexa Voice Control And Wireless Connectivity

The Roland GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In – an electric keyboard that features network connectivity and Amazon’s Alexa voice control built-in – is now available.

Alexa integration gives you hands-free control of features like sound selection. Using your voice, you can select any of the onboard sounds, via custom Alexa Skills. Other features, like changing tempo  or turning the metronome on or off, can also be controlled via voice commands.

It’s also an Alexa-enabled device, so you can have it do tasks like play a song from Amazon Music, and the music will stream through the keyboard’s speakers. You can also use it to things like check the weather, set reminders or order a pizza.

The keyboard’s network connectivity means that you can record performances and save them in the cloud for later playback. In addition, the GO:PIANO can connect wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, and you can use your mobile device with the keyboard.


  • Portable instrument that fuses Roland’s piano sound with Amazon’s Alexa voice technology
  • Control nearly all of the instrument’s functionality using only voice commands
  • Can also be used as an Alexa-enabled device to listen to music, check the weather, set alarms, and more
  • Also includes Bluetooth for connecting with apps on mobile devices
  • Enhance learning with Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app for iOS and Android
  • 40 onboard sounds that include acoustic and electric pianos, organs, strings, synths, and more
  • Lightweight design (4 kg/8 lb. 14 oz.)
  • Battery operation (6 x AA) for mobile playing (Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa feature not available with battery power)

Pricing and Availability

The Roland GO:PIANO is available now for $499 USD.

13 thoughts on “Roland GO:PIANO Features Alexa Voice Control And Wireless Connectivity

  1. I’m also cringing. It is kind of amazing that Alexa can hear and respond whilst music is playing.

    Though to me and probably MANY of is, this might seem like the dumbest idea in a long time; I suspect it will be popular and even embraced by a particular demographic.

      1. That wasn’t my intention. I was actually thinking of younger, more affluent, amateur musicians. And perhaps, there were people who were reluctant to submit to Amazon/Alexa until now, but may be more inclined by this form-factor and feature-set.

        To me, the concept is dumb because in a few of their examples you are telling Alexa to do a thing you can do much more quickly by just pressing a button or two.

        OTOH, it’s pretty convenient to instantly play songs upon verbal command and have them piped through your keyboards built in speakers. I had always done this “the hard way” (not that difficult, really).

        The demographic that inherently trusts corporate-controlled technology that monetizes the flow of socialization, commerce and information, despite abundant examples that those corporations aren’t always ethical (much less neutral), is not dumb or wrong, they are just participating in their cultural moment.

        I hold no disrespect for the demographic that embraces this tech. But I can see how my comments could have been interpreted that way. “This is dumb. SOME people will love it.”

        You’re right, I should focus on the tech and not the users.

    1. This will not be embraced by anyone. MAYBE a person over 65 who thinks Alexa is really neat will use it once or twice, and a few clueless parents may buy it as a gift for their kids who “love Alexa” (nobody loves Alexa), but you’re out of touch if you think anyone actually wants this.

  2. Disappointed with having such a small audience for your music? Do not despair; now Amazon Inc. can listen in on you 24/7!

  3. 40 roland presets and amazon alexa for $500?

    this thing is such a dud they didn’t even bother with a pic of the panel or back connectivity.

  4. Lol, this is gonna be as popular as a turd in a swimming pool! How about privacy issues, how about shouting at you keyboard while playing live, how about Amazon getting a copy of your new hit tune before you’ve even finished it… genius!

  5. Hey Tom, do you ever volunteer your music skills for a good cause? The dude sitting in the front row at church is not trying to steal your #1 hit. The church hymn is not easy to play from week to week, especially if the organist is a no-show.

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