Suit & Tie Guy’s Psychedelic Thanksgiving Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: STG Soundlabs head & Knobcon founder Suit & Tie Guy shared this video, capturing his annual Thanksgiving Eve synth jam, along with the psychedelic synthesized visuals of Bubba Ayoub.

Sounds like a great way to prep for Thanksgiving with the relatives. But that’s a different story.

Suit in action

“Every year, I play a Thanksgiving Eve gig at a pizza parlor here in Peoria IL, called Oliver’s. The location has changed but the gig continues,” notes Suit.

“This year, STG Soundlabs’ Minister of Hype, Bubba Ayoub, did video art with me. Tonight, he recorded something similar to his art that night, here is the result.”

“He uses camera feedback, a Vidiot, a Eurorack system, and a couple of video mixers to do this,” adds Suit. “That sounds like a lot of gear, but i’ve been staring at video feedback since i was in high school and this is pretty damn cool stuff, IMHO.”

Suit & Tie Guy’s music is available at Bandcamp. He says that the video features the music from the first set of the night. If you want to hear more, let him know in the comments below or on the video at Youtube.

2 thoughts on “Suit & Tie Guy’s Psychedelic Thanksgiving Synth Jam

  1. Beautiful, except for one guy who would not shut the fuck up. Reminds me of why I got into synths: TangerineDream, in the mid 70s, before they went plastics!

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