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    1. Nick usually makes it a point to apologize for his Moog pronunciation in every Moog review. He must’ve forgot this one time.

      Also Bob himself states he prefers the long O, but really doesn’t care either way.

      1. And the m is silent, like in mnemonic. So basically it should be pronounced like ohj. We’ve all been saying it wrong.

  1. I don’t think this sounds any better than any other poly analog. The behringer poly d has more Moog than this. It sounds like it has phase issues or something that gives it an anemic out of breath quality. I wish Roland would take this spec and apply it to a jupiter remake.

    1. Rubbish. Behringer are just rip off artists. Anything as complex as this is bound to have issues in the early stages. Have you played one?

    2. I’m with you xdfo on the sound. Poring through the manual, all my questions of “can it do X?” come back with a yes. This is literally my dream synth. But there’s just something about the sound that… bores me. This should be the only synth I need to own to do all the things I love to do with synthesizers, but if the sound isn’t there it just can’t be. 🙁

      1. I don’t get the chills from the moog one demos (and I’ve listened to a lot) that I do from like ob-xa demos, or jupiter 8 demos, even the prologue 16 gets my juices going in a way that the moog one just doesn’t. I’m at a loss, because this is basically my dream synth as well – a polyphonic moog? more modulation options than I can shake a stick at?

      1. I had an andromeda. It wasn’t anything special, except the long list of bugs it still has. TBH, the ‘analog sound’ is played. It is what it is, and never will get ‘better’. You can only have so many analogs before you’re just wasting money.

    3. There is a video showing the Poly D with an issue when releasing keys wither cutting off short or if playing chords, holding a note when its depressed but other are held. I own a Moog One, i havent had any issues but ive seen the comments in the forum so im probably lucky. But to compare the Poly D (unreleased) to the released “MOOG” product, is just trolling. The minilogue sounds nice but it can eat the One’s balls.

    4. What is „good“ sound though? How does one thing sound „better“ than another? Can sound even be qualified and ranked?

  2. The video up to 2:34 is enough for me .. no need to watch any further. I’ve been one of the ‘unlucky’ with my past three Moog synths bought in a row. Hoping Moog dials in their QC better.

  3. I like how it is a $6K (or $8K for 16 voice) work in progress.

    I think the “tuning issue” is something Moog should describe as a “feature”.

    1. I have to a agree that the constant firmware updates make it seem like it was released half-baked. The whole sell it, then fix it after the fact attitude is horrible in the modern era and I see this as a huge fan of Moog.

      1. Fixing it in the field is so old, and prevalent it has a saying: “fix it in the field”. For instance, We we’re doing on products 1000 of times as expensive in the 80’s. In fact, common electronics products are designed for it. It’s business as usual in the tech game; PC? Phone? Tablets? TV’s? Cars? All of it.

  4. Have a 16 voice since last year, love it to death. Naysayers be damned. And god bless Moog for continuing to add features and develop it. It’s sacred massiveness is felt i assure you.

  5. I doubt that Moog expected to sell many of these, so it occupies an odd place in the upper stratosphere. It’ll mainly be a studio or Jarre piece. Its an ultimate Moog with a lot of appeal, but building it of Unobtanium just means more Animoog and Little Phatty sales.

    1. Amos was on a live stream 6 months ago and let slip that they’d sold 1,000 of them already.

      Probably around 5-6 million in sales, if you take dealer cut into account. Any small company would like to have a hit like that.

      1. OK, I have to stand corrected on that one! Its not the post-$2K price tag, though, its the $6K-$8K ones. Its probably asking a lot, but if they suddenly offer a Moog Two that’s half the price with most of the major Moog One points intact, it’ll (mostly) be back on Earth next to the Quantums and Fantoms.

      2. Going by the current serials, probably 1500 now easily.
        Mine is in the 700s and I ordered shortly after the anouncement.
        I love that synth btw, what I get from it far outweights the firmware niggles.
        This kind of machine takes years to master, so even if the firmware is not yet in a great place, I am still ramping up on it, so no rush for me, we both improve at our pace.

  6. I think the price tag dictates a lot of the comments. If you’ve been on synthtopia enough, you’ll notice, once the price starts to tip past $2000, everything else cheaper sounds better whether you’ve played it or not.
    I can speak as an owner and a user, no it wasnt cheap, split the charge on 2 credit cards on musicians friend but Its an awesome synth. Period.

  7. The only thing i would complain about is, playing strings on it for example, you can hear the cut off to soon. So for that price it should have more voices.
    A monosynthplayer probably won’t even look into that priceclass.

    In general it sounds very nice but not sure if it justify the high price.
    I got a bit of my opinion after seeing Matt Johnson playing it on youtube.

    Btw, behringer is up to something: https://www.facebook.com/BEHRINGER/posts/10157941783233914

  8. If some on gave me a POS Moog One for free, I’d sell it ASAP, put a down payment on an Expressive E Osmose and take the rest of the money and do a weekend in Vegas. But that’s just me.

  9. Love how hardware manufactures are giving buyers reasonable choices now. The behringer lines, the stellar x2 mic and more and more stuff coming. Priced as gear should be, or rather as it could be. Plus softsynths have really come a long long way. I know guy who build 5 small pcs and uses each one as a softsynth via midi like how you would use a hardware synth. Amazing times.

    For what they are asking for this synth i’m surprised they are making buyers beta bug testers.

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