Korg Triton Now Available As Soft Synth For macOS, Windows

Korg has introduced a software version of its Triton workstation synthesizer, complete with its full array of EXB-PCM sound expansion cards.

The original Korg Triton workstation was introduced in 1999. Now it’s available, in virtual form, as part of the company’s Korg Collection.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Hundreds of thousands of KORG TRITON music workstations were sold to quickly become beloved by many of the world’s most prominent musicians. Each and every one of the sounds of the original TRITON is included, all of which are fully reproduced in software. This includes sounds that were widely used in the 90s and 2000s dance music, hip hop, and R&B. Every synthesizer patch is useful, with no filler sounds, giving you the ready-to-use sounds you expect of a real workstation.”


  • Complete reproduction of TRITON’s HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system. Includes eight-part multi-timbre combis, a large collection of PCM samples, five IFX, and two MFX.
  • Supervised by original TRITON developers
  • Over 4,000 sound programs
  • Includes all of the expansion library EXB-PCM cards
  • Features a new sound browser for quickly searching by instrument/character
  • Includes an ‘Easy’ mode that gives you instant access to important parameters
  • 307 dual arpeggiator patterns
  • A free demo version is also available

Audio Demo:

Korg Triton is available through Jan 16, 2020 with an intro price of $199 USD, or as part of Korg Collection. See the Korg site for details.

17 thoughts on “Korg Triton Now Available As Soft Synth For macOS, Windows

  1. M3 would have been preferable. And iOS version.
    For that I would have paid $99.
    Another $99 for Radias expansion.
    And yet another $99 for Karma.

    For this I would pay $4,99.

    1. +1
      It is ridculous how Roland recycles the XV5080 from a decade ago in their latest synths, and it is ridiculous from Korg to charge 200 bucks for a ROMpler of similar (or even higher) age and massively outdated sample quality (from 1999-2004).

  2. But it doesn’t read or import any files of any kind from any hardware Triton – so if you were a hardware Triton owner and are hoping to bring your favourite programs, combis, songs or play lists into this – you can’t. It beggars belief!

    1. If its a true software emulation Kevin, I am gobsmacked as to why it can’t import files. Can it accept sysex dumps from a librarian?

  3. same with the wavestation VST, no import, disappointing, and also weird as it’s one of the main reasons for getting it I’d have thought

  4. I recently restored a Karma synth. It would be nice if Korg would actually re-release the EXB board set for cheap because they’re not easy to find and the prices are redic now.

  5. Dear KORG:
    200 for this…?? and 150 if you own all other Korg stuff…??? …insane.
    Please…update the tiny-pixelated-unresizable gui of all Korg collection!!! …I think those guis are older that the actual hardware stuff…

  6. Who is supposed to buy that? 200 bucks for this crap :p. They should have released it on April the 1st. At least that would have been funny.

  7. I like it but it is 1/2 Baked…. i’ve tried it and there’s no importing of Triton *.PCG files or *.KSC samples that’s BAD, It doesn’t include Triton Extreme exclusive soundset (waveforms/programs/combis) whilst a lot of them make use of valveforce preamp, im sure they could’ve put an insert emulation at the end of the FX chain, and No MOSS, again maybe thats a little much to ask but at least they should have addressed it, i imagine they justify the price by including all of the expansions, but as is it feels incomplete…. i still would like if they do an iOS version

  8. Well, despite the slurry of negative comments, i for one am excited about this. The Korg Triton Studio was a grad present and threw me into the music industry. I loved my Triton! Would love to see an update on the old plugins, but ill take this. Korg 01W/FD and M3, please!

  9. Nice idea, decent GUI for the purpose, meaty library. The lack of the full Triton Extreme set bugs me more than anything else. The Extreme and the 01Wfd had enough power that they inspired a lot of great third-party sounds you’d never get here, of course. (Had an 01Wfd, loved it, pampered it.) These synths are 50% there for the soundsets, not to be the new Serum. Yeah, I should be able to drop in my customized Triton library as PCG. files, so, sadly, F missing that practical amenity. WTH and stuff.

    Very few people will build sounds from the ground up on a tiny display anymore, including those on Korg’s current restrictive offerings. I have the MonoPoly and Wavestation; both are welcome tools. They have some great solo sounds, but they work best for me as background or layered sounds. I don’t buy this kind of thing for some synth epiphany; I get them because they’re part of the stylistic paint, same as a specialized EP plug or tiny Modal synth.

    I’d love to see a KARMA too, but that’s why you buy the engine from Stephen Kay @ karma-labs dot com.

  10. Mine’s sitting right next to me, still the same since I bought it, everything working.
    It’s a fantastic synth. The Yamaha keys it has and the joystick are among the best there is.

    With that being said, I don’t think I would buy a software version of this, what are those prices Korg? wtf

  11. While this one isn’t interesting to me, I am encouraged to see that Korg hasn’t given up on the Legacy Collection. Hope to see upgraded GUI’s (& maybe DSP algorithms for the analogs) on the older instruments some day.

  12. No MOSS ? No import? They say full synthesis engine but this looks more like a nice soundbank player.
    I’m really hoping for a proper Z1/prophecy recreation.

  13. The KORG Triton Virtual Studio Technology Instrument… I paid $270.00 USD, the $249.00 and Tax! The Triton VSTi, AWESOME for all of the annoying limitations (Windows 10 only, no export/import of your custom Programs, Combi.s). My M1 and WAVESTATION allow Export/Import of the Programs, Combi.s in- and out of my PC laptop Downloads, Documents… folders! The VSTi’s are AWESOME because they never break down, no interference, and you can open and stack multiple instances. I love my multiple instances of my Triton VSTi for multiple Combi.s for > eight Programs. We did not even have audio uploaders for PC, finally long after 1999! Do you really think you could have paid thousands of dollars/hour and stack 3-4 Triton workstations… even with a MIDI Patch Bay with no technical failures? …and for which venue? These days, the World Wide Web is The World Stage! I would love a Triton VSTi update or upgrade to include the Export/Import of Programs, Combi.s, for back up to Storage Data Devices, too!

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