Playset Turns Your iPad Into A Drum & Synth Groovebox

Fingerlab, creators of the DM1 drum machine app, has introduced Playset for iPad, a new app that turns your tablet into a powerful drum and synth groovebox.

The app features a four-channel drum machine, plus bass and lead synth voices. It supports Audiobus, Ableton Link, MIDI, background audio and AU to integrate into mobile music making workflows.


  • Multi-touch sequencer
  • 50 original samplekits, including drumkits, bass and leads
  • Mixer page with mute, level, pitch, length, pan controls and full custom kit per track
  • 2 FX per instrument with many FX types (reverb, delay, disto, chorus, compressor, …)
  • Patterns & Timeline module
  • Extra-fast bounce for master or separated tracks, mono or stereo
  • Share & import your projects
  • Embedded Gallery with demo songs
  • Audiobus & Ableton Link support
  • MIDI support
  • Audio background mode
  • Audio Unit support

Pricing and Availability

Playset for iPad is available now for $7.99 USD.

15 thoughts on “Playset Turns Your iPad Into A Drum & Synth Groovebox

  1. Personally, this looks very average. Sorry, but I would be focusing on fixing issues with their apps that loyal followers are having trouble with. DM1 still doesn’t work with AudioShare despite reporting this a long time ago. DM2 also seems to have been pulled from the AppStore, but keeps trying to update, so flags an error every time I open AppStore.

    1. Regarding DM2, they had an issue with DM2 and Apple/AppStore. They were forced to delete DM2 and upload the app under a new heading called “DM2 The Drum Machine”. The sent me a promo code to get the new app for free, and they sincerely apologized. They were obviously frustrated by the way they were treated by Apple.

      If you own DM2 and didn’t get sent a promo code, just contact support. I imagine they sent it out to all registered owners.

    2. Been using DM1 and DFX since 2015, also use DM2 and iMotion Pro. I guess my mindset is a bit different as my various iPads are used mostly as modules/waveform generators much of the time, I still use my first gen with both sunriizer and funkbox with no probs. Some of the ancient apps on my first gen iPad you can’t even get anymore and are still fun to use and give me unique sounds. Agree with the other poster sometimes the simple stuff can give you cool results even if it just a new sample set to tweak in an audio program. I bought it to support Fingerlabs. Ain’t no biggie in terms of $$$ so to each his own.

  2. I’m sure they put in a lot of work but these are very basic features and there are so many other apps offering the same and more. I think it’s better to take one new idea and implement it well than start with something generic and expect people to pay in hopes of getting cool features sometime in the future.

  3. Come on, its clearly aimed at minimally musical newbie types who just want to poke about, toy-wise or a few who will like it as a sketchpad. No one much who uses Cubasis would really give this a second look. I’m surprised it handles Ableton Link, which IMO is the only pro nod at all. Its less a serious music app than something to keep a kid quiet on a road trip. Fixing the DM issue James describes would be a smart “upgrade” for the company’s image.

    1. MIDI input. Works as an AUv3. Background audio. Has an actual song mode. Some fairly pro nods imo.

      But yeah, think they give away the idea with the name: _Play_set. Hopefully people have fun with it.

  4. People tend to make the best things when the tool is simple and the individual is innovative and skilled.

    The disses are laughable on this site.

  5. Though there are plenty of drum machines that do more and do it better; DM1 is one of the nicest looking and easiest to use. As a teacher, it is very easy to recommend DM1 to people who are not tech-savvy or are just generally inexperienced. It’s VERY intuitive and clean. The DM1 is very limited rhythmically. But it has a good song-edit workflow, and the collection of sounds is quite good.

    I suspect Playset app is similarly user-friendly groove machine with a gentle learning curve and a well-designed GUI.

  6. Wow. Something innovative. People complaining. I Have noticed that many times the people that complain the most make the most generic boring music. How ironic

  7. i cant agree with the haters here. I tried it and i find it one of the most intuitive workflows by far. If creating simple grooves as a starting point is your thing then this is very good.

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