Patch Base Adds Patch Editor For Korg DW-8000, EX-8000

Coffeeshopped has added support for full patch editing and library organization for the Korg DW-8000 and EX-8000, on both Mac and iPad.

Patch Base lets you edit any parameter, organize your patches, create random patches, and more.

Pricing and Availability

Patch Base is available as a free download, allowing limited use of all synthesizers that the app supports. Full support for each synthesizer is available via In-App Purchase.

6 thoughts on “Patch Base Adds Patch Editor For Korg DW-8000, EX-8000

  1. The DW8000 is a lovely synth – really unique sound with digital waves and analogue filters. Great that it folk are keeping it alive with a great editor!

      1. True. Fwiw when buying used, avoid 16gb models – the most recent iOS takes 5GB+ plus another couple of GB’s in ‘other’. My 16gb Mini 4 is dedicated to Synclavier Go!

  2. Again my criticism of the Patchbase GUI is that the entire layout is a monotone colour and the knobs/dials are all the same colour as well.

    Prefer to see some colour separation between the vaious synth blocks.

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