The Solton Arranger Plus, The ‘Amazing Italo Disco Machine’

The Solton Arranger Plus is a rare 80’s keyboard that combines analog sound generation and sampled drum sounds.

The Solton Arranger Plus was produced in Italy by Ketron in 1987. It has single outputs for bass and drums.

In the video above, RemasterMix demonstrates why they call the Solton Arranger Plus an ‘Amazing Italo Disco Machine’.

For another look at the unusual keyboard, check out the video below, by AnalogAudio1.

If y0u’ve used the Solton Arranger Plus, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!


9 thoughts on “The Solton Arranger Plus, The ‘Amazing Italo Disco Machine’

  1. Seems like this idea/concept could be vastly expanded with a stupid number of styles and even perhaps some way of creating USER STYLES. Though I know this kind of thing can probably be cobbled together with software instruments, there is something pretty charming about the “electronic organ” aspect of this.

    I suppose it could cross into Chamberlain territory as well.

    1. Korg micro arranger maybe? Though it misses some performance controls, but it does have editable accompaniment. There is also the Beatles-focused Liverpool version. Why not Moroder that a bunch! (Apologies to Georgio for using his name as a verb)

  2. i would love to see a list of songs its been used on …Italian productions im guessing i mean this thing has Ken Laslow in its DNA all over it

    1. Hi IMLXH – I have read about a guy in northern Europe who has “modded” the Solton Programmer 24 (which is why this synth is now reaching horribly high prices!). Nothing known to me about mods on the Arranger Plus – though I’d really love to have individual outputs (like on the Programmer 24).

  3. Hi all.
    Anybody owns an Arranger Plus with *all* banks completely equipped? I’d like to retrieve the contents of all banks – or at least banks 2-3-4. You can reply to this message if you have some info/help here!

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