New Documentary, Theremin Fever, ‘A Quirky Gem’

Theremin Fever is a new documentary that follows 5 thereminists, over 5 days, in the ‘Ether Waves’.

The film, described as ‘a quirky gem of a documentary’, was shot over the course of Texas’ first theremin festival. It features five world-class thereminists: Dorit Chrysler, Armen Ra, Rob Schwimmer, Randy George and Thomas Grillo.

Theremin Fever was directed by Cressandra Thibodeaux, Written and Edited by Bill Moore, with additional editing by Elizabeth Mims and Cressandra Thibodeaux. It will be shown at the Cinequest Film Festival, held March 3-15, 2020 in San Jose & Redwood City, California.

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