Moog Subsequent 25 Review

The latest loopop video is a review of the new Moog Subsequent 25, an updated version of the company’s Sub Phatty design that adds paraphonic capabilities and upgraded circuitry.

Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
1:15 Duophony
2:10 Overview
4:25 Hidden params
7:10 The filter
10:20 Oscillators
14:45 Mixer
15:45 Envelopes
17:20 LFO
20:35 App
22:10 Chords
23:30 FM Bells
24:15 Duo tips
25:30 Bi-timbral duo
26:35 Arpeggiator
27:35 Randomizer
28:55 Pros & cons
30:40 Outro jam

Pricing and Availability

The Moog Sub 25 has a street price of $849 and is available to pre-order now.

11 thoughts on “Moog Subsequent 25 Review

      1. You live a few decades then die…..screw it, why bother to tru hard at life whe it’s all flushed down the toilet of the infinite?

  1. I wish they would wait a few weeks after announcements before publishing reviews so everyone can get their smack out before finding how it really sounds. Heh.

    1. Realistically, buying used is always a much better deal. You buy once everyone has forgotten about it and before some snotty faced 19-year-old “star” starts talking about how it’s the secret to his sound.

  2. i have to say, if i was in the market for this i would save up extra for a 37, nice they have the options rather than not but the hidden commands, it’s not so much that you have to press shift and something else, but how it’s implemented seems like you could never remember it and there’s no visual confirmation that you have indeed changed a parameter.

  3. So Moog omitted a screen to simply operations by requiring a computer or midi mapping to an external device to access the features that would have otherwise been accessible via a $4 LCD screen…….that is the actual cost of the screen used in the 37. Right……

    1. Look at this one what a compact beauty, my improvement would definitely be to remove the filter envelop encoders and put the display interface there and of course not a cheap one spend 30 us on it and have your self a nice OLED.

      The day Moog makes a synth like this with a good display interfaces surrounded by endless encoders i will buy a Moog for sure. After the One i guest they where going in the right direction concerning this but they really drop the ball on this here and tooks us back decades in interface design.

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