Atonal University at SAW #60

Sunday Synth Jam: Atonal University (Mark Vail and David Battino) shared this video, based on a  live board recording from a performance at the 60th Sacramento Audio Waffle, held on November 2019.

Battino & Vail are known to many synthesists for their work at magazines like Keyboard and Electronic Musician, and for books like Vintage Synthesizers, Beauty in the B & The Art of Digital Music. They also perform as Atonal University using compact electronic music rigs.

The Sacramento Audio Waffle is a ‘noise crew tradition’ that dates back to 1995. The monthly event features experimental sound artists & noise performances, with free waffles & coffee included with admission. Organizers say that ‘Waffles and Noise are a Sacramento noise crew tradition dating back to 1995.’

Still photos by Timothy O’Sullivan

3 thoughts on “Atonal University at SAW #60

  1. Thanks, Synthhead! We posted interior photos of the briefcase systems here, along with synth details: (Click the (i) to read captions.)

    Both systems are battery powered and prewired as much as possible, so we can simply flip open the lids, plug into the PA, and start playing.

    The video above is a parade of pre-rendered swirly textures with photos on top. Anyone have suggestions on visualizer apps that let you load an audio file and then spit out a synchronized video? The ones I’ve found are basically artless oscilloscopes or color organs.

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