Behringer RD-6 Copies 80’s Roland TR-606 Design (Sneak Preview)

Behringer has officially announced the RD-6, a clone of Roland’s 80’s TR-606 drum machine design.

The Behringer RD-6 features mini jack individual outputs and four mini jack trigger/sync patch points for integrating with modular gear.

Specifications and details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

26 thoughts on “Behringer RD-6 Copies 80’s Roland TR-606 Design (Sneak Preview)

      1. Yes until you turn it up extremely loud. You really need to preamp and compress a 606 kick. The hats and snare sound fine. Or you can just use it as is. Plastikman used the 606 a lot. Wouldn’t have called his stuff weak

      1. Interesting – it looks authentic indeed, but it’s a pricey option. It would be cheaper to just buy an original. Plus it’s DIY so not for everyone.

  1. This is going to be the first of the new Behringer machines I’m going to buy. The sound is right and the price will probably be as well.

  2. At first i was more open to the whole “clones of Behringer”. Now i reached a point where i am starting to not like it that much. Not because of “behringer is evil and stealing designs bla bla ” arguments that many use but the feeling i get is lack of inspiration and “look. With the latest technology we can revive the Past!”. I find it a bit like the whole 80`s revival in music,,,, its funny but after a point , too much and i personally would be a bit ashamed if all my strength was to clone others. I own a Neutron and find it a superb synth to be honest. I would like more of this. Like Deepmind, Neutron etc and less clones. It`s ok if some things are left in the past

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. As much as I love the B clones – I’m starting to feel saturated. And of all Behringer synths I own – the Deepmind is my favourite. Neutron is cool as hell too. In either case – glad they are doing a 606. I liked that drum machine, and I’ll buy it for sure.


    2. Many of us in our 40s and 50s eagerly read Keyboard and Electronic Musician each month and fatasized about the incredible gear we could own if we were rich. Synths in the early 1980s was impossibly expensive — what costs hundreds of dollars now would have cost thousands back then.

      Everything was out of reach.

      That’s what makes Behringer’s clones so enticing now. We can buy a $400 TR-808 or SH-101. We can have a Minimoog and a Pro-One and relive our imagined youth where we became pop stars.

      1. > what costs hundreds of dollars now would have cost thousands back then. Everything was out of reach.

        Back then I was busting my ass for $3.35 an hour all week, living with a bunch of people in a crappy lean-to, eating nothing but Top Ramen, and saving my pennies so I could buy gear I needed to create music. Which I did and then used that gear to rock out in the punk scene.

        Difference between then and now? The entitled Millennials don’t want to work, want everything for free, and spend all their time playing video games and texting.

        1. You ‘rocked out in the punk scene?’ Punk was decidedly anti-rock. No punk I ever knew would say they were ‘rocking out.’ I doubt you were part of any kind of authentic punk scene or movement.

            1. There was absolutely no personal attack at all. I demand you restore my post immediately and apologize for your defamation of myself.

              I posted a link to the definition of PUNK ROCK and pointed out that the person was likely to have learned about punk from late night informercials. You know this is true. You know that is what I posted. If you say this is a personal attack you are a liar. Email me if you wish. Send me your phone number. Let’s talk about what a LIAR you are and how you have egregiously defamed my honor.

  3. I owned this, gave it away for free, and have absolutely no idea why anyone would clone this one other than for the sense to make a complete clone set.

    If it’s $29 – maybe it would be a nice thing to give to a small child.

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    1. That’s a bit excessive, no? Maybe just stop spending so much time reading comments you disagree with and carry on producing

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  6. What I hear is that the snare and hihat/cymbals are nothing compared to the real box. Probably they din’t put much effort in finding the right substite transistors for the noise generator

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