Erica Synths Intros Bassline DB-01 Synthesizer

Erica Synths has introduced the Bassline DB-01 synthesizer, a new desktop synth that combines the company’s analog sound with an advanced sequencer.


  • Aggressive LP/BP filter design from the Acidbox
  • One knob overdrive for even more destructive sound
  • Transistor based sub-oscillator
  • Independent amplitude, filter cutoff and pitch envelopes
  • BBD based detune for massive swarm sound
  • Syncable LFO with multiple waveforms for FM and VCF modulation
  • Noise source
  • Intuitive, easy to use sequencer for up to 64 step patterns
  • Sequence transposing
  • Pattern randomization
  • Arpeggiator
  • Modulation track with VCF cutoff automation
  • Built in and user defined scales with micro tonal possibilities
  • Analog clock in and out
  • CV/Gate output/input
  • MIDI IN and THRU – play it with a keyboard!
  • 4 banks of 16 patterns memory
  • Compact, durable aluminum enclosure

Pricing and Availability

The Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 is expected to be available in Spring 2020, priced at 460 Euros.

22 thoughts on “Erica Synths Intros Bassline DB-01 Synthesizer

  1. Nice desktop with sequencer from Erica, hoop they make more of these.
    I’m not into acid at all so this demo not really doing it for me. Curious if it can do other bass sounds to not acid style only.

    1. Alessandro Cortini used a 303 to create ambient soundscapes so such a synth isn’t locked in acid territory.

      1. Nah it’s been dead since the 2000’s. It was good for a while but listening to that same sound is like listening to A guitarist Playing the same cheesy licks over and over with the same tones.

    1. It’s just a synth, really. Sure, some people will make tired sounds with it (as they do with all synths) but somebody will probably make something totally unexpected and beautiful with it. 🙂

  2. Syntrx was supposed to be out in December and afaik got no coverage or update at NAMM…….

    Surely I can’t be the only one who’s curious why?

  3. People usually complain about the price of everything these days regardless. I wont do that. But 460 EUR… It’s going to struggle to compete with the Volcas and TR 3s of this world. I guess it’s not targetted at the masses

  4. If asked to divide the world up into 2 groups…one survives, ome does not….lets do .the people who like the 303 vs the people who don’t.

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