Modal Electronics Argon8, Argon8M & Argon8X At The 2020 NAMM Show

At the 2020 NAMM Show, we talked with Jackson of Modal Electronics, who gave us a demo of the production Argon8 synthesizer, and introduced two new versions of the new synth.

The Argon8 is now in production, with updated features, and Modal has introduced two new Argon8 models:

  • ARGON8M – A compact desktop module version that can also be mounted into a 19? 3U rack with the included end cheeks, for those players with limited space.
  • ARGON8X – An elongated 61 key version using the same FATAR TP/9S mechanism with aftertouch, for those players who want an extended octave range.

Audio demos start about 5:20 in. Patch demos start at about 11:30 in.

Details on the Argon8 synths are available at the Modal site.

19 thoughts on “Modal Electronics Argon8, Argon8M & Argon8X At The 2020 NAMM Show

    1. Yeah, I’m having the same question. Not in the market for one, but ‘feature vs feature’, there’s a lot to both synths. I like the extra (5!!) ADSR modulation options on the HS, but the A8 has lots of processors. Both are great for textures. The voice sections both offer more than 2 oscillator types, with many sources and modifiers to create manifold starting points. I would be happy with either – and would only pick the Argon because of the keyboard.

      I would like to see more digital synths with all the features of HS or A8 incorporate more types of direct synthesis. For example like Mutable Instruments Plaits product with 16 synthesis models for both pitched and unpitched sound for at least one oscillator. Korg’s XD/Prologue shows it’s a powerful method, but baseline modulation is just average before you start writing LFO’s & EG’s for your programmable oscillator. It feels like more of a proof of concept that a synths feature set can survive on not only 3rd party contributions, but also be user programmable too. Still, as a platform it’s ideal for multisynthesis, but for the average modulation capabilities. I would love an NTS-1 eurorack for my soon-to-be-eurorack synth as well.

      Funny how every successful product only seems to make me eager for the next! Given unlimited room, I would probably buy everything regardless of critical flaw. SAS 🙂

  1. With this year’s recession, it will ber interesting to see how many in this saturate space survive. Right now, it seems everyone has about the same price point.

      1. “Every Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900’s endured a recession in their first term, according to an analysis from Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at stock research firm CFRA.”
        Until it’s false, it’s true.

        1. Ha ha ha .. haters.. give it a break with the politics. Stocks are up 52% in 3 years. That’s insane… even with the hate and roadblocks. It’s not going anywhere.

          1. Common mistake but – The stock market is NOT the economy.

            On the subject of stock market; it was up 33% in the first year on Jan 22nd 2018. Since then, It’s been up as much as down, with a general trend upward of only 10%. Now, peak to trough you might find 52%, but that’s clearly been cherry picked by someone.

            Let’s not let political rhetoric in. Economics has been bad enough.

    1. The US market is just one of many though. You are aware there is a whole planet out there, right? People play synths all over the world.

        1. @Aaron, I missed the same point about 2 years ago stating that a recession was very likely in the next two years. The market is over saturated and consolidation is in order. Many of these makers will not survive, that is the reality.

  2. But – I don’t have any free space for more synths. My next one will be extremely expensive, because it will involve getting a new house…

  3. I am not sure why wavetable has revived, but this is a tight space. Hydrasynth, Argon 8, Wavestate, even Ableton has a wavetable synth inside.

    1. I suppose if they stick to the classic OSC->FILTER->VCA architectures, there’s little to innovate on other than modulation, UI, and OSC types. Filters are basically a small set of LP/HP/BP/BR types with various favorite 2/4/8-pole implementations (ladder, multimode, etc..), and VCA’s are one-size-fits-all.

      Wavetable is a very legitimate source model with a lot of expressiveness, it’s simple, and well liked. But, with fixed tables, no matter how many wavetables, you’re stuck with what they give you. If you can make your own, then so much the better.

      1. Yeah, most people wouldn’t even use their own tables and standard synths are “stuck” with only 4 osc types at most… and wait till you hear this… some only have one wav type!

        pssh jeeze..

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