New Rack System Lets You Mix And Match Behringer & Moog Eurorack Cases

KVGear has introduced a new Eurorack racking system that’s designed to let you mix and match cases from Behringer and Moog, combine case widths from 60 to 104 HP, and even to integrate controllers like the Arturia BeatStep Pro.

The stands are designed to hold a variety of Moog and Behringer synths, including:

  • Behringer Cat
  • Behringer K-2
  • Behringer Model D
  • Behringer Neutron
  • Behringer Pro-1
  • Behringer Wasp Deluxe
  • Moog DFAM
  • Moog Mother 32
  • Moog Subharmonicon

Optional upper brackets allow you to add an additional tier to the top of the EDS-2 and EDS-3. And an optional lower adapter hooks allow you to dock a Keystep, Beatstep, Yamaha Reface, or other small keyboard in the bottom tier of the EDS-3.

Pricing and Availability

KVGear expects their racks to be available starting next week, with pricing starting at $50 USD.

19 thoughts on “New Rack System Lets You Mix And Match Behringer & Moog Eurorack Cases

    1. OT: I wish behringer had made that 140HP skiff a a couple more HPs wide. You can’t fit a system 55 module complement without moving stuff around. Not that it would fit on this rack thing. 🙂

    1. It should fit depth/height wise but might be a little wobbly on the ends… Could get two and put one on each end and then have room for a beatstep pro and keystep below it most likely

    2. Yes, the Make Noise Skiff will fit on the upper tier of any of my new EDS stands. It won’t fit on the lower or middle tiers.

    1. This is Mike from KVgear. The Crave will probably fit in the top tier of any of my new Euro stands. If it won’t fit then I’ll add mounting holes to allow use of my Apapt Hooks which will definitely work with the Crave. I’ll check in this Sunday morning.

        1. I made some small adjustments and the Crave now fits great! It fits on the top tier of the EDS-K1, EDS-2 and EDS-3 stands. You’ll need to buy a pair of Adapt Wings to provide stability to the Crave since it will hang over the back edge of the stand. The Crave will also fit the bottom tiers of the EDS-K1 (no adapter needed) and EDS-3 (with lower adapter).

    1. The Dreadbox Erebus V3 will fit on the top tier of the EDS-K1, EDS-2 and EDS-3 stands. I made a small design change this evening to make it possible. Thanks so much for asking the question. I didn’t realize that the larger Erebus even existed. All of the questions in this thread have been so helpful in giving me insight into improvements that I could make to the stands. Thanks to all!

    1. My stands are cut from one of the stiffest plastic resins. My original prototype stand (for Aira synths) back in 2015 was make of flat steel sheet metal, but due to the thin gauge and lack of bends the stand was really wobbly. Once I switched to thick plastic the stands became rock solid.

    1. Hi Fj. I just modified the design to allow for this. Thanks for asking the question! Now, Roland Boutique synths will fit on all of my new EDS stands. There’s room for the DK-01 Boutique dock too.

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