Novation Launchpad Pro mk3 Standalone Sequencing Hands-On Demo

At the 2020 NAMM Show, we talked with Novation’s Enrique Martinez, who gave us a quick demo of their new Launchpad Pro mk3 MIDI controller.

The Launchpad Pro mk3 introduces a built-in step sequencer which, along with hardware MIDI connectivity, means that you can use it standalone to control your gear.

In the video, Martinez gives a quick demo of how the new sequencing works, and shows how you can build a sequence on the Launchpad, and then move it to Ableton Live.

Other updates in the Novation Launchpad Pro mk3 include: new customization options, Chord Mode, larger pads and USB-C connectivity.

For more info, see the Novation website.

12 thoughts on “Novation Launchpad Pro mk3 Standalone Sequencing Hands-On Demo

    1. Yes, BUT the 16 scenes allow you to build any combination of those 8 32-step patterns into a song. Songs/sessions are saved to one of 64 available slots on the LP. If my math is right, you’re looking at a potentially 4,096 step sequence for each track if you’d like.

      1. ok, i need to read more about it then. on another video i heard 4 tracks and 8 patterns and then they moved on, making me think it was a very basic standard thing. i’d love to get a stand alone sequencer with a broader way of constructing songs. i missed out on the social entropy engine and ever since been looking for one [thats not screen based] – fak.

    2. The pattern length and track count seems anemic to me when nearly all of my hardware synths that have built in sequencers have at least 64 steps and 16 patterns per track. I’d have much rather seen Novation widen the controller slightly for more dedicated track controls and extend the pattern length to at least 64, if not 128, steps per pattern/track. I bought a Launchpad Pro MK2 a little over a year ago to augment the Push 2 in my setup and while I’m considering the MK3 for the probability aspects and for a few of the dedicated buttons that both Push 2 and the LP Pro MK2 lack, there just might not be enough in the MK3 to warrant replacing the MK2 in my twin grid setup. It also appears that Novation has removed the power button in favor of making the new LP Pro MK3 a bit thinner. I’m guessing the Novation logo is supposed to replace that functionality?

  1. Just buy Push II.
    Seems like they are trying to make a Push controller.
    Cut to the chase, just by Push.
    All those features are available in Live and can be controlled with Push.

      1. A lot of people love anything that enables them to not use a computer, and this is cool for that. I don’t like using a mouse for music or having to look at a computer screen all the time either, but for me going daw-less is more trouble than it’s worth. It’s giving up too much to not use a computer. So the computer is always central to my workflow, but I like controllers and tactile sequencers that help me minimize my need for using a mouse and make it so I can do a lot in the moment without needing to be looking at the screen. I’m working on getting fluid with a Push/Live, a beatstep pro, a keystep, launch control xl, and a couple of launchpad minis controlling Numerology (if you don’t know about Numerology–check it out). I think Kevin is like me–doesn’t think it’s worth it to give up the daw and that’s what he means by “Cut to the chase, just b(u)y Push.” But the standalone sequencer in this new launchpad pro could be a cool thing whether your in a daw workflow or not.

  2. I have a Push2 and love the integration it gives me Ableton. But I dislike that I do not have that same integration with Logic pro. I like the fact that the Launchpad pro is a fully functioning grid sequencer that works with all my DAWs. So I give this thing thumbs up and will probably get one.

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