Behringer DeepMind 12 Gets Unofficial Juno 106 MIDI Editor

Developer Momo Müller has introduced the DeepMind – Juno 106 editor, an overlay MIDI editor that’s designed to let you edit the Behringer DeepMind 12 with the controls of a Juno 106.

The Behringer Deepmind 12 was ‘inspired’ by the Roland Juno 106, but with, arguably, transformational changes that take the original 106 design and sound to a new level.

The DeepMind 12 – Juno 106 Overlay Midi Editor is an VST and Standalone controller for the DeepMind 12 that’s tailored to creating Juno 106 style sounds. It is compatible with DeepMind 6 and DeepMind 12D.

Pricing and Availability

The DeepMind – Juno 106 Editor is available now for 5,90€ / $6.90 USD.

9 thoughts on “Behringer DeepMind 12 Gets Unofficial Juno 106 MIDI Editor

  1. I am curious if its only a remote mapping of the relevant controls or if the editor also considers the different knob ranges. Obviously the ADSR-timings, filter and resonance values differ between the DM and the Juno. Eg. filter resonance differs in the upper areas by ~ 15% (85% Juno res = 70% DM reso, according to “Deepmind 12 vs Juno 106: How to get similar tones” video analysis by Starsky Carr on YouTube)
    Though it is possible to have very, very similar sounds on both synths as long as it doesn’t come to the chorus, which is quite tricky to reproduce with the deepmind.

  2. if synthesizers provided specs for rise time and cycle/duty etc for various important parameters, this could be done for many more synths. A universal patch translator as it were.

  3. i’m wondering: based on the video by Starsky Carr and many comments you can find on the web, it is apparently necessary to use a few tricks to make the deepmind sound like a Juno, like using the bass boost. However I can’t see the buttons for these options on the editor presented here. Does that mean that when you use it these options are automatically activated? like also, is the chorus automatically set to sound similar to a Juno?

  4. Gee I’d love a teeny tiny Dm12 the size of my roland boutique…….. I’m dreaming of one… My Dm12 desktop is too large for my small gigs

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