New Squarepusher Video, ‘Terminal Slam’

Music video for Squarepusher’s Terminal Slam, from his new album Be Up A Hello.

The video for Terminal Slam is directed by Squarepusher’s longtime collaborator, Daito Manabe.

An IDM ‘They Live”?  Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments! OBEY

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    1. Not at all, they are long time acquaintances and have even done some collaborations. From the Wikipedia page on Squarepusher:

      “1995–96: Feed Me Weird Things

      Jenkinson accepted a five-album record contract with Warp Records in December 1995. This led him to defer his studies at Chelsea Art College. Early in 1996 Richard D. James completed the compilation process for Feed Me Weird Things which was made from over 50 tracks that Tom had given him on DAT, which were recorded from late 1994 to 1995. Around the same time Richard and Tom recorded two tracks together, one of which was subsequently edited by Tom and released as “Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid” on the We Are Reasonable People compilation album in 1998. Tom’s contribution to the other track was reinterpreted and released as “Happy Little Wilberforce” on the Alt. Frequencies compilation released on Worm Interface in 1996. 1996 saw Jenkinson starting to be offered gigs both in the UK and in continental Europe.”

  1. We are all 1s and 0s
    Everything is created and transfering information, everything is some form of data

    Everything can be “glitched” ?

    Neat interpretation of this in the video

  2. I am very impressed however my favorite will always be Shobaleader One. Everytime I listen to the vocals and for some reason I still hear “Green eggs, green eggs and ham… eggs, green eggs and ham yeah! 🙂

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