Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal The First Analog Optical Spring Reverb

At the 2020 NAMM Show, Gamechanger Audio introduced the Light Pedal, described as “the World’s first Optical Spring Reverb System.”

The LIGHT Pedal produces a wide range of analog reverb sounds by using Infra-Red optical sensors targeted across the length of a Spring Reverb tank. The optical sensors are extremely sensitive and they are able to pick up overtones and harmonics that occur in a Reverb Tank’s springs.

They say that, because the optical sensors eliminate mechanical loss of energy in turning the vibrations into electrical signals, the Light Pedal can create a broader range of reverb colors than traditional reverb tanks.

Here’s a demo of the Light Pedal in action with synthesizers, via Perfect Circuit:

Pricing and Availability

Gamechanger Audio plans to launch pre-orders on February 10. See their site for details.

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