New Jamm Pro The ‘Ultimate Electronic Music Instrument’ For iPad

Ninja Tune has debuted Jamm Pro, the evolution of Ninja Jamm, a original touch-controlled beat app.

Jamm Pro includes Ninja Jamm users’ most frequently requested feature: the ability to load your own samples. Ninja Tune also says that it’s packed with pro features and new ideas, like its modular synth-like patching capabilities.

Jamm Pro was designed by Coldcut’s Matt Black, with the aim of creating their ‘ultimate electronic music instrument’.

Equipped with four main channels, each with nine sequencers — six modulation sequencers, a slice sequencer, a pitch/reverse/drill sequencer and a gate sequencer — and up to 64 patches per set, Jamm Pro allows for a possible 2,304 sequencers per Sound Set in the app.


  • Record in via Mic, Soundcard, Inter App Audio.
    • Audiobus/AUM are supported, giving you access to the extensive range of iOS IAA apps like drum machines and synths to work with Jamm.
    • Multitrack Stem recording: Transforms Jamm Pro into a production tool: recordings are saved with all channels individually recorded. You can then load these into an editor/DAW such as Ableton, Logic or Pro Tools to work on further.
  • Multi-touch tip control: Use small finger movements to simultaneously and expressively control multiple FX at once.
  • Individual per channel FX: 5 Distortion/Crush units, 5 Filters, 5 Delays, 5 Reverbs, 5 Sidechains. All with full recallable control.
  • 64 Total Recall Patches: instantly Store and Recall the total state of what you’re doing with 64 Patch memories.
  • In-app help: Access help overlay screens from wherever you are to explain all the page’s functions… no need to stop to read and dig into the manual!
  • Coldcutter module: Buffer shuffle and modulation matrix for sophisticated beat manipulation. Users can trigger automatic call and response between channels, algorithmic evolutions of samples and modular synth-like patchable modulation sequencers.
  • Sub-bass module: Automatically generate super heavy bass kicks and basslines from drum samples — a feature dril fans will adore.
  • Loopstation/Resampling functions: Use Jamm Pro as a Loopstation — perfect for vocalists to loop and layer vocals as well as beatboxing via instant recording.
  • MIDI input: MIDI Learn allows easy connection of MIDI hardware to trigger and control Jamm Pro.
  • Slice sequencer: Unique and highly interactive feature allowing users to simply draw on the screen to restructure any sample.
  • Smart pitch bends: Change the pitch of any or all of the channels in real-time to inspire musically apt progressions.
  • Scratch: Experiment with the iconic hiphop technique by applying the effect to any sample.
  • Ableton Link Support

Note: Ninja Tune says that “Jamm Pro is a very powerful app and will perform best on newer iPads. The iPad Pro is the ideal device for the best experience with Jamm Pro.”

Pricing and Availability

Jamm Pro is available now for US $9.99.

12 thoughts on “New Jamm Pro The ‘Ultimate Electronic Music Instrument’ For iPad

    1. Looks very exciting to me, bought it right away. Something to play with during the next weekend. I reckon its a fun way to remix my own stems, I am tnot too interested in buying ready made kits.

  1. Stoked that this new release is only for iPads.
    Really hope Matt will change his mind and give Androidians the opportunity to buy the app. Or, at least, an upgrade of the old NinjaJamm (that I am currently using) adding some new features.
    I am going to start a petition campaign on this.

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