Reason Update Adds MIDI Out & More

Reason Studios has released Reason 11.2, a free update that adds new MIDI features for the Reason Rack Plugin.

Here’s what they have to say about Reason 11.2:

Based on your feedback, Reason Rack Plugin now supports MIDI out and Drag MIDI notes to track. It was already an incredible instrument and a vast effect rack—now it’s a powerful MIDI effect, too.

Use Reason Rack Plugin as a drum machine, idea generator, old school sequencer, live performance tool, modulation hub, audio to CV converter, random voltage source, chord generator and much more. With Players and CV, the Reason rack can control most anything in your host. Check out the tutorial video for some of the ways you can use MIDI out:

In addition, you can now drag MIDI to your sequencer from Redrum, Dr Octo Rex and Matrix. One of my personal favorite things to do is randomizing patterns multiple times in Redrum and dragging each clip to track in Live. This way I have a handful of random ideas to try, edit and kickstart a track with.

The MIDI Out Device is of course also updated in Reason standalone, replacing the External MIDI Instrument. This means there’s now 8 CV inputs with scale and offset for every MIDI Out Device, making it easier to control more parameters on your external gear.

Beat Map Algorhythmic Drummer is a new Rack Extension in version 11.2 (Reason and Reason Suite only):

Beat Map Algorhythmic Drummer is a Player that generates drum patterns, based on built-in beats, algorithms and simple but powerful controls. It’s normally used with a drum instrument such as Kong, Rytmik or Umpf, but can also be used with melodic instruments for interesting results.

See the Reason Studios site for more info.


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