Roland Cloud Adds Synthwave Collection For JUNO-106, SYSTEM-8, JX-3P, and JUPITER-8

Roland shared this preview for their Synthwave Collection for their Roland Cloud subscription platform.

The Synthwave Collection features 256 patches, 64 each for the JUNO-106, SYSTEM-8, JX-3P, and JUPITER-8.

JUNO-106 Synthwave Patches:

Jupiter-8 Synthwave Patches:

SYSTEM-8 Synthwave Patches:

JX-3P Synthwave Patches:

See the Roland Cloud site for details.

8 thoughts on “Roland Cloud Adds Synthwave Collection For JUNO-106, SYSTEM-8, JX-3P, and JUPITER-8

  1. Free sounds are always welcome, however it is interesting what Roland “thinks” is Synthwave. If you take a listen at e.g. some Spire or TAL U-No-LX synthwave banks, then Roland is clearly way behind the game with these sounds. It probably would have been a good idea for the designers to listen to bands like The Midnight, FM-84, Kalax etc. in order to know which sounds fans of the genre were expecting.

  2. I’m basically anti-cloud because it feels shady, but there’s nothing worth mentioning here that I don’t already have to a high degree. There seem to be 30 stylistic labels for EDM, but I think there are more like six, so these sets have a lot of crossover. If you know your stuff, you can tune most of them to go uptempo/downtempo or Drum&Bass pretty easily. Don’t sweat the purity tests. Take a leap with something like an Arturia Jupiter 8V and learn how to EQ & effect it to the bone. You can get 95% of the classic goods that way.

    1. @S-Trigger Dave: I am basically anti-cloud too, but in my opinion Roland did a very good job here, because for every year you subscribe to the cloud service, you can choose a plugin to own, even after cancelling the service.
      Given the amount of add-ons you have during that period, that´s a fair model and much better than pure subscription options, where you end up with nothing once you cancel.

        1. Okay, I’ll give Roland the nod for offering you the synth of your choice per year of Cloud use. Its not as competitive or as satisfying as buying it upfront, but its a decent compromise if you are keen enough on a specific synth or two.

  3. That’s not totally true, if you subscribe NOW you do not get to keep it in a year. I confirmed this with Roland and I will not subscribe with them now because of it. They canned that concept a while ago, so you do actually end up with NOTHING when you cancel now. I am not advocating it, but it is no wonder why people want to crack plug-ins when companies like this try to scam and absolutely rip off their users. I am a student, I can’t afford to pay $30 a month for things I know I won’t use during exams. It’s taking advantage of people and they know it.

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