Free Sound Library For The M-Audio Venom Synthesizer

Cloudwalk Music has shared a free sound library for the M-Audio Venom synthesizer.

The library showcases the range of the Venom’s sound capabilities, with 119 single presets. They include pianos, organs, clavs, basses, strings, brass, leads, pads, classic synth and techno sounds, and traditional arpeggiator patterns.

The sound library, created by Paul Mehlhaff, is available as a free download.

17 thoughts on “Free Sound Library For The M-Audio Venom Synthesizer

  1. I remember how much the Venom was (over) hyped but sadly dropped off the radar with no further development of the S/W. I know its a soft synth in a cheap plastic case with a tacky keyboard but it sounds great in an almost low-fi way and has a character of its own that I chime with. I love it – thanks for the patches and running the site.

    1. I also like the sound. Low-end synths from the cz-101 to the microkorg are often very capable instruments, and the venom (whose bizarre marketing was mocked here on synthtopia) is underrated and perhaps a future niche favorite (given appropriate software or hardware to program it via MIDI.)

      As with most synths, it’s less about the hardware and more about what you do with it.

  2. Pity this synth is intrinsically tied to software as it has quite an amazing, versatile sound. Mine sits in it’s box because I just can’t get myself to edit sounds without using knobs any more – become spoiled by a few knob-per-functions synths I have now. That said, the Venom is an insane synth and especially for the price.

    1. Knobs are no problem. Nearly every parameter from venom can be controlled via midi. There’s no need to use only vyzex to tweak the sounds.

      1. I found vyzex quite a bit better than most other patch editors, that being said I had no idea you could midi the whole thing!

  3. i love my venom. it can get some pretty great sounds. labeling by the knobs is hell. fucking light grey on white ish. cant even read in good lighting. ive been running mine through a alesis filtr. fun shit. will be interesting to see what some new sounds sound like on mine.

  4. downloads no longer available ?! I cry – these are exactly the kind of patches I hoped for to bring my Venom alive from the EDM filler while making use of it as an ideal portable VST controller with it’s built-in usb audio interface – works a charm with a netbook!
    Please make the patches available again, or somebody share with me; jscan is the name, web dot de is the name!

      1. Hey there – do you by chance know if its possible to transfer patches onto the Venom without using the Zyvex editor? Perhaps a sysex librarian app?

        My Venom should be coming this weekend, and I’m excited to mess around with it. It seems my laptop is too current to install and run it. I have a 2015 MacBook Pro on OS X 10.15.7, and also iOS devices, in case that helps. Thanks in advance!

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