11 thoughts on “Korg Minilogue XD Sounds By Jexus

  1. Nice. Jexus has a colorful synth history you can check out on YouTube & you should. Anyone can program a synth to some extent; he shows you how to PLAY one. I’ve always collected patches for my Korgs because they seem to invite broader experimentation. After modifying a few sets, I had a better grasp of the instrument. If you have a Minilogue XD, I encourage you to send Jexus some financial support. Patch sets like that can turn into 2 or 3 if you tweak them. Creative programmers aren’t all that common. Its a weird, separate art form.

    1. He is just a bit weird and hyped his patches are not that interesting, but its cool we have this kind of people sharing there work love that! and doing it in his own style going the extra mile with VHS tapes adds to this persona.

  2. I love how Jexus has a completely unique way of playing synths. He really plays them like an instrument, but in a very ”synth” way, completely different from a traditional keyboardist.

    1. Maybe because there wasn’t already N million videos on YT of those older synths?

      I think these still stand out as totally unique and totally ‘jexus’. Like, I can’t imagine wanting to own the patches unless I was going to start a Jexus cover band. Still, super inspiring patch design for me.

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