Ambient Music With A Minimal Eurorack Synthesizer – And A Ukulele

Sunday Synth Jam: Composer Luca Francini shared this video, capturing an ambient patch created with a minimal modular synthesizer system and a ukulele.

Here’s what Francini has to say about the technical details:

The drone note is a plucked ukulele string (captured by a piezo pickup into Ears module) which I stored in Clouds buffer. The pitch of the note is modulated by Marbles X section.

I have manually tuned the pitch of Basimilus Iteritas Alter to get a bass note, triggered by Marbles t2 (no random skipping beats).

Marbles is receiving the clock from Pamela’s New Workout.

I don’t have any VCA modules yet so I’ve used the Dry/Wet blend knob on Clouds to balance the levels of the drone and the bass.

A very simple patch, but quite relaxing and hypnotic imo.

13 thoughts on “Ambient Music With A Minimal Eurorack Synthesizer – And A Ukulele

  1. On days like this I wonder where all the complainers are. They’re never around to compliment folks that do good work.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this piece. I was originally attracted by the ukulele in the title, and was pleasantly surprised at the result. 🙂 also, happpy to hear more examples of Clouds, Rings, and Marbles – three of the five modules on my Mutable Instruments list..

    1. Thanks John, I decided to begin my eurorack journey thanks to Rings and Clouds demos on YouTube so I definitely understand you

  2. Try to open this vid also in youtube and play both screens together on different times…sounds like it was meaned to be…

  3. I not only enjoyed the piece as is, but its inspired to just buffer an event as an audio component. Those are the modules whose reviews I read more seriously. This is a lot like what I think of when I envision a small bit of modular as the target for the CV Out on many current synths. I enjoy hybrids. Nice work, Luca. Get a VCA! You’re on the right path.

    1. Thanks, I have already ordered a few new modules with a new bigger case and definitely a quad vca is on that list. You can tell I’m a eurorack beginner since I’ve ignored the 1st rule: you can’t have enough vca 😀

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