nLab Synthesis Granö Granular Suynth For Reaktor 6

nLab Synthesis has introduced Granö, a granular synthesizer for Native Instruments Reaktor 6 (full version).

They say that it  “combines a great sonic potential with a intuitive and simple interface”.


  • 4-voice granular synthesizer with Drone/Keyboard mode
  • XY Pad Automation for grain position and volume.
  • 2-pole State Variable Filter
  • 2 dedicated ADSR Envelope for Filter and Amp
  • 2 unique swappable Multi-effects wired in series with 2 XY Pad Automations
  • Modulation Matrix with 5 slots, independent LFOs and 2 assignable Automations
  • Quantizer with 10 Scales to play and modulate in tune
  • Parallel Master Compressor/Limiter
  • Global Randomizer
  • Low CPU usage

Pricing and Availability

nLab Synthesis Granö is available now for €20.

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