Patterning Turns Your iPhone Into A Powerful Drum Machine

Olympia Noise Company has released Patterning for iPhone, a powerful drum machine app, with advanced features like MIDI output, Export to Ableton Live, Ableton Link, loop export, randomization, ratcheting and more.


  • 8 Independent Loops Per Pattern
  • Unlimited Patterns
  • Automation Layers like Coarse Tune, Ratcheting, and more.
  • MIDI Output
  • Export to Ableton Live Set – Comes with Ableton Live 10 Lite
  • Export Perfect Audio Loops in WAV or AIFF format, Stereo or Multitrack Output
  • Export Songs to Patterning 2
  • Import Songs and Drumkits from Patterning 2 (some limitations apply)
  • Ableton Link
  • MIDI Clock Send and Receive
  • Inter-App Audio Clock
  • Multi-track Inter-App Audio Output
  • Hundreds of free factory and user created drum kits
  • Quantize Pattern Launch
  • Haptic Feedback

Pricing and Availability

Patterning for iPhone is available now free download, but save/export are unlocked via a $5.99 USD In-App purchase.

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