‘Quarantine’ (From The First Man Soundtrack) On Theremin

Sunday Synth Jam: Thereminist Randy George shared this live performance of Quarantine, from the Justin Hurwitz score for the film First Man.

“What I really love about the theremin is that, yes it does have that sort of electronic, other-worldly sci-fi quality, but it also feels very human,” Hurwitz explained in a recent interview. “It can take on qualities of a human voice if you play it a certain way. It can feel almost like singing or crying.”

Here’s what George has to say about the performance:

“Quarantine. Challenging times. I feel that performers have a responsibility to perform even if live in public is not an option. Music can help us navigate the haze of isolation and uncertainty.

Here is one of the rare works from a major motion picture score in the last few years that prominently features the theremin.”

George also shared these technical details about his performance:

Moog Etherwave Pro (theremin)
Haken ContinuuMini (MPE synth)
Radial Pro D2 (passive DI box)
Presonus Studio 68c (audio interface)
Ableton Live 10 Suite (digital audio workstation)
Z Prism MIDI Merlin (real-time audio to MPE MIDI)
Modartt Pianoteq 6 Stage (modeled harp)
Polyverse Comet (very nice reverb)

7 thoughts on “‘Quarantine’ (From The First Man Soundtrack) On Theremin

  1. That’s some very accurate and nice fingering. 🙂

    Got one of them Etherwave Pros myself, and I not even close to that kinda accuracy. Better start practicing again.

  2. Not wishing to be overly pedantic but in order to avoid unnecessary ligitation I need to point out that this is in fact “Sparkling Isolation”. Quarantine may only be used by producers in the French region of Quaranté.

    1. Non sequiturian humor appreciated by unlicensed ligitators worldwide. Let us all “Spark isolation” together but apart.

    2. Really must learn to be scrupulous enough to proof read before releasing public statements – litigation. Though ligitation does sound slightly saucy in a ‘Carry On’ B&D fashion 🙂

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