New Software Synth, FRMS, Combines FM + Granular + Subtractive Synthesis

Imaginando has introduced FRMS (‘frames’), a new hybrid software synthesizer that lets you combine granular synthesis with subtractive and FM.

FRMS – which is available for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows – lets you use up to 4 layers per voice, with any combination of synthesis types.


  • 3 synth engines, 4 layers per voice
  • Granular, Subtractive, FM
  • 8 FM modes, layers as operators
  • Granulate Samples or Live Audio
  • Up to 20 grains per layer
  • 1 modulation matrix per layer
  • 2 EG’s per layer
  • 1 filter per layer and a master filter
  • 8 voices polyphony
  • 4 LFO’s with 5 modes
  • Arpeggiator with 5 modes
  • Delay and Reverb FX as layer send
  • High Quality Sample Bank
  • Built-in Audio Recorder
  • MPE Compatible
  • Ableton Link

Pricing and Availability

FRMS is available now with an intro price of 59 Euro (normally 119 Euro).

14 thoughts on “New Software Synth, FRMS, Combines FM + Granular + Subtractive Synthesis

  1. wow, this sounds great. Demo’ing immediately to check more of this out. Quite original presets coming outta this.

  2. This one is pure sound design crack! recommend. The UI is a bit confusing with its double panels but other than that,just bonkers. A nice complement to Quanta.

    1. Yep. For a single note 4 layers is fine. For more than a couple of notes, I get plenty of audio glitches. Plugin doesn’t crash though which is good. I was playing with MPE and my Eigenharp and it was wonderfully responsive. Let me know if you have any questions.

        1. That’s unfortunate. I had it loaded in AUM and apart from midimux nothing else was running. Generally I’ve found that my workflow is recording loops and then looping the audio to free resources. I’m not too concerned that I can’t run it fully, I assume that I’ll get a new iPad at some point and I’ll get the my money’s worth and have contributed to people making great music apps.

  3. Dot over the m instead of the i? Pretty soon they’ll be putting diaresis over t and tilde over k, and there will be nothing but chaos. Honestly, these musicians.

  4. I spent a couple hours doing drones with it yesterday and I really like it. I realized I had to re-enable the high quality parameter in the settings for it to work and have better interpolation.

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