9 thoughts on “McCoy Tyner Tribute On LinnStrument

  1. Nice job (with a few playing mistakes) , but probably could have been done more expressively (ironic, huh?) on an actual piano.

  2. That performance does a nice job of showing the dynamic possibilities of that non-standard key layout.

    There are only a couple of moments where I hear a flourish of notes that isn’t typical of a traditional piano. A kind of climbing interval pattern that works, but might not be as “graphic” a pattern on the black & whites.

    I imagine that Fontaine Burnett is no slouch on piano either. I makes it look easy.

  3. I’m all for the flexibility of the Linnstrument, but using such capable controllers to reproduce piano or guitar seems dubious. Not that you *shouldn’t* or any such BS, but it should be a spice, not a central application. I want to hear every sound “stretch” in a way that shows off the unique MPE arena of capabilities. Just IMO, because Fontaine knocked me out, using it as his piano. A great surprise!

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