Making Electronic Music With Bees

This short documentary is a profile of Bioni Samp, an electronic musician and long-time beekeeper.

The video looks at the Samp’s passion for cross-pollination of electronic music and beekeeping. He uses DIY gear to record bee sounds, sample them and manipulate the sounds to create a unique style of electronic music.

In the video, Bioni Samp plays the following custom instruments:

Hive Synthesiser (6 oscillator prototype) Baby Bee Synth, The Bela Bee (with partial / samples taken from field recordings from two beehives) Binaural Beeframe EMF Detector, Electronic Beesmoker, Single Cell Synth, Hex Mixer, Ableton Max For Live, Beequencer, Honey Taster Resonance Detector, Beehive Field Recordings.

7 thoughts on “Making Electronic Music With Bees

  1. That’s sure a new take on found sounds! I’d love to hear what he could do with a decent hardware sampler that would fit his personal OS, like a Korg MicroSampler. No computer needed and a fair amount of stretching capabilities.

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