Arturia AudioFuse Studio Audio Interface Now Available

Arturia has announced that the new AudioFuse Studio 18-in/20-out audio interface is now available.


  • 4 DiscretePRO preamps with independent Mic/Line circuits, and dedicated effects inserts.
  • 4 additional line inputs, with inputs 5-6 commutable to Phono.
  • Highest quality Bluetooth audio receiver supporting aptX and AAC.
  • 2 pairs of balanced TRS outputs for speakers, with integrated A/B switching.
  • 2 independent stereo headphones outputs, with 6.35 and 3.5mm sockets.
  • 2 independent analog line outputs with reamp capability.
  • Direct monitoring ultra-low latency internal mixers.
  • ADAT I/O for up to 8 additional inputs and 8 additional outputs.
  • Connectivity: MIDI I/O, backward compatible USB-C, S/PDIF I/O, Word clock input, output/thru on Cinch RCA.
  • 24-bit latest generation AD/DA converters at up to 192kHz sampling rate.
  • Leather-covered self-positioning protection cover.
  • Metal desktop chassis.
  • AudioFuse Control Center software to route audio and control master settings.
  • AudioFuse Creative Suite bundle of software effects.

Pricing and Availability:

AudioFuse Studio is available now for $999 USD.

8 thoughts on “Arturia AudioFuse Studio Audio Interface Now Available

    1. 1. Route midi from daw to external hardware either live or with midi file playback
      2. Route midi from external sequencer/hardware into DAW
      3. Sync external sequencer to DAW (or vice versa)
      4. Update firmware on hardware units which send SYSEX
      5. Backup/Bulk Dump patches on synths that use them

      And more… probably. But that’s why I need them

  1. Sounds nice but is missing an Adat-Mode. Wanted to use it as a Monitor-Controlle beside my RME, but it does not work. The upper harmonics sound a bit too static compared to other interfaces. On the other hand you can judge single frequencies and sounds very exactly, but not in a glueish/musical way. As a poor man’s mastering/production-tool, ok, but no happiness while listening to music. Would prefer the 8Pre-Version more for having Adat-Mode.

  2. 20 outputs, huh? That’s weird stretch right there. Took me a minute to sort out how they came to it. 6 1/4″ + 8 ADAT on the back makes 14. Headphones via cue1 and cue 2 make it 18. SPDIF (so long as you weren’t counting on workclock out) makes a very very thin 20. Honestly, as an Arturia fan, a little disappointed in them for advertising it that way.

  3. For a grand, I’d prefer to see DIN MIDI jacks. That said, ff they’re going to go with 1/8″ MIDI, why not make it 4 jacks (two ins/outs or 1inx3outs or whatever)? Or a pair of MIDI jacks plus a pair of MIDICV converters?

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