Free Music From Aphex Twin

Free Music: user18081971 has updated their Soundcloud page with a new collection of unreleased tracks.

user18081971 is considered to be the unofficial Soundcloud account for Aphex Twin (Richard D. James).

You can preview a couple of the tracks via the embed below or at Soundcloud:

user18081971 has uploaded and deleted hundreds of unreleased tracks to Soundcloud over the last few years.  A cache of these tracks is available via the Internet Archive.


11 thoughts on “Free Music From Aphex Twin

        1. Who knows…from what I’ve seen, the response in the UK has been pretty bad, so maybe in that context a “red pill” would make sense…but he doesn’t give a context, or a comment, or anything to put that information into perspective, which I would deem pretty irresponsible from someone in his position, whose voice reaches so many. Also, in my opinion, the quality of the content he provided is suspect at best, if not outright conspiracy, especially when you put all of it together…but what do i know, right?

          My point is: does he really support those ideas or is it just a edgy meme? And isn’t it worrying either way? :/

            1. I don’t think we disagree, then. But do you think the links he provided should should be considered “good research”? Because I’m arguing they’re not the best, after digging around for a bit.

  1. The more crazy the better with the Aphex Twin for me, I much prefer the non ambient stuff.
    The heavy, less melodic stuff I love, I think he called it Death Techno years ago

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